Will we carry the comic book you created?

It is difficult for a new or independent creator or publisher to get noticed in the comics world, but we do have a couple options for getting new work into Emerald City!

First, we are always happy to sell local / indie creators’ comics on consignment!

We review the work to ensure it’s relevant to our Guests and our image (you can stop in with a sample of your work, or send a sample to email@emeraldcitycomics.com). If approved, we display the work on consignment, and split the cover price 50/50 when they sell. We put a “NEW” tag on the shelf to draw attention to the work during its first week in stock, plus a “Local Creator” tag if applicable.

This is our Consignment Agreement Form in case you would like to sell your book or comic on consignment. It can be filled out and emailed back to us (local creators can bring in a filled form, or fill one out at the store).

Besides selling on consignment, your best bet for periodical comics or books and graphic novels is to get them distributed through Diamond Comic Distributors, or a book distributor like Ingram. We order a large volume of periodical comics and books every month, all competing for limited shelf space. Unfortunately, we have too many requests from independent publishers and Kickstarter campaigns to be able to order periodicals and books from each one separately.

We know it’s not an ideal situation for new or independent creators and publishers; but we have found that our Guests rarely buy periodical comics or graphic novels unless they are from an established publisher or creator, so unfortunately it is not time- or cost-effective for us to order books and comics that are not offered through Diamond’s Previews catalog or our other book distributors.

Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck with your work!