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We do buy comics and collectibles that we are sold out of, and that we think we can sell.

If you have something we are interested in buying, we will make a cash or store-credit offer. If you are satisfied with what we can offer you, then you will be immediately paid!

If you have a large collection, send or bring us a list we can review (see the links above for more details). For comics, email backissues@emeraldcitycomics.com; for toys & collectibles, email toys@emeraldcitycomics.com.

If you have a small box of comics or collectibles, call ahead at 727-398-2665 to make sure a buyer is available before bringing them in.

For toys & collectibles, just give us a general idea of what you have, in case you have something we do not buy (such as sports collectibles) – this way you don’t waste a trip over!

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a rough estimate of what we would offer you over the phone or by email – we need to physically see the items to make an evaluation.

We are only able to evaluate collections that are for sale – if you need an appraisal for insurance or legal purposes, please contact neil@emeraldcitycomics.com for a quote.


To give you some insight on a Frequently Asked Question


  • If there is any odor in or on the items (such as cigarette smoke), the value is substantially less.
  • Prices are based on an item’s condition, how complete it is, and our current inventory.
  • A retail store cannot pay full retail / guide / eBay value for any item. We can only offer you a percentage of the prices you may see in a price guide or on our shelves. Please understand that this is just the nature of a retail store: we may sit on an item for months or years before it sells, and the markup we make on an item is what pays for our Team, our building, electricity, etc. If you need to get an amount much closer to retail or guide value, your best bet is to sell directly through eBay, Craigslist, or a local convention.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes certain collectibles are just not worth what you think they might be. There are many items for which we have a high supply and/or a low demand, so we are unable to even make an offer on them! We will let you know whether you should sell them to a buyer that might need them more than we do, or if they might be better donated to friends / family / favorite charity.