What is it?

The Rewards Program tracks your in-store purchases by category, giving you discounts for being a frequent shopper with us!


What qualifies for Rewards discounts?

  • Back Issue Comics (Non-Vintage)
  • Graphic Novels
  • Toys
  • Games

  “Back Issues” are comics that are found in the long boxes at the center of the store, and do not include “Vintage” comics. Vintage comics are more valuable comics found on the Vintage Wall area in the back of the store, and includes long boxes of Golden and Silver Age comics and other “key” issues. Vintage comics are not part of the Rewards Programs.

 “Graphic Novels” are all books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks — except used books. Used books are not included because they are already discounted — usually at about half of the original cover price!

 “Toys” include action figures, Kids & Animation toys, statues, figurines, glasses, Discount Toys, Hot Toys brand toys (high-end action figures), Pop! Vinyls, some collectables, and Tchotchkes (keychains, buttons, car decals, etc.).

Consignment items (a few statues, mini busts, and large collector’s pieces) are not included in the Rewards Program. Any EC Team Member can help you identify and purchase consignment items.

 “Games” include all tabletop, card, dice, role-playing games, and their accessories (dice sets, card boxes, card packs, maps, etc.). Miniatures, game rule books, and HeroClix figures are also included.


How does the EC Rewards Program work?

Purchase the required amount per category, within 12 months, and receive a discount on the next item in that category equal to the average you’ve spent on that category!

 Required Purchase Amounts:

  • Back Issues – 10 items
  • Graphic Novels – 10 items
  • Toys – 20 items
  • Games – 20 items


Five Graphic Novels purchased @ $14.99 each + five Graphic Novels @ $12.99 each = a $13.99 discount on your next purchase (the average of all 10 books)!


How long will my Rewards Credits last?

Rewards purchases collect over a 12-month period from when the purchases for that category began. After one year, you start over again at zero if you have not purchased the required minimum.

After meeting the yearly requirements, your credits are good for another full year!


How does the Rewards Program work with Sale items?

Our Rewards Program always gives you the BEST discount available. For Sale items, you will receive the Sale price instead of the item counting towards your Rewards Program, because the Sale price is a better discount for you. We always want you to get the best deal available!


A 20% off Sale on a $20 book would give you $4 off. If you were buying the item full-price, you would get only $2 for that book towards your Rewards Program discount when your Program is completed. The Sale price is your better deal in this case!


How do I get the most from the Rewards Program?

Using a Rewards Program credit on an item means that item doesn’t count towards your next Program, so to be sure to use your earned credits ONLY if you are purchasing similarly-priced items to enjoy the best savings.

When making purchases larger than your amount of Rewards credit, save your Rewards credit for a smaller future purchase, so that your larger purchases count towards your Rewards Program.  Your larger purchase will start the next Rewards Program for that category.


Using a $10 Rewards credit on a $12 item leaves only $2 that can’t be applied to future Rewards credits, which is good!

Using a $10 Rewards credit on a $50 item leaves a whole $40 that can’t be applied to future Rewards credits, which is bad!

Our EC Team Members will be happy to let you know when applying your Rewards credits may be detrimental to you, so feel free to ask if you are ever unsure.


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