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Friday, June 24th through Sunday the 26th
  • Friday 6/24 1pm - Vs 2PCG Cube Draft (see below, no entry fee)
  • Saturday 6/25 noon (registration starts at 11am and will be cut off at 11:45) - Vs 2PCG Regional $3,000 Tournament - Format: Crossing the Spider-Verse (see below, $10 entry fee)
  • Sunday 6/26 1pm - Vs 2PCG Modern Tournament (see below, $5 entry fee)

[prize support to be announced]

There is also an opportunity to play some League games and get League Kits during the Regional Weekend! Contact our Games Merchant Adrian before May 24th at 727-398-2665 or games@emeraldcitycomics.com to sign up. Entry into the League requires the purchase of the Civil War VS 2PCG expansion (or any other 200-count expansion) or two 55-count expansions from your friends here at Emerald City! All League games throughout the Regional Weekend will be played using cards from the Civil War expansion only.


Cube Draft!

Cube drafting proceeds as follows: a pool of cards called the "cube" will be divided randomly into packs of 15 cards. Each player in the draft will receive a pack. After selecting one card from the pack, the pack will be passed to the next player in the draft. Players continue to pick cards until the packs are empty. This process repeats until each player has emptied four packs, resulting in a pool of 60 cards. Each player must then build a deck using the cards in their pool.


Featured Format #15: Crossing the Spider-Verse!

Mix together Spider-Man and his amazing friends (and enemies) from the Illustrated and Photographic Universes!

Rules: Your Main Character and all of your Supporting Characters must be from the following teams:
• Spider-Friends
• Sinister Syndicate
• Symbiotes

Special Format exception: You can use ANY cards (including your main character) from the Photographic Universe’s Friendly Neighborhood Issue. In this Format, you CAN have Illustrated and Photographic cards in the same deck!

You can only use cards from the following products (listed in order of release):
• Spider-Friends
• Sinister Syndicate
• Crossover Vol. 1
• Crossover Vol. 2
• Friendly Neighborhood
• Spidey-Foes
• Webheads
• Lethal Protector
• Maximum Carnage
• Spider-Verse

You may also include any Basic Locations in your deck, regardless of which product they’re from.

You may include any “wild” Special Locations in your deck that share a team affiliation with your Main Character or a Supporting Character in your deck.


Modern Format!

Banned cards

The following cards are not allowed to be played in the current Modern Format:

Main Characters
• Adam Warlock
• Dark Phoenix
• Kate Pryde
• Rogue (Resistance)
• The Mayor
• Outriders

Supporting characters
• Black Widow (Illustrated Champions)
• Dark Phoenix
• Langly
• Maximus

Plot Twists
• Out of Time

• Machine (Invention)

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