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Saturday, August 6th at 11am

Meet fantasy adventure novel series AENYA writer, Nick Alimonos! He will be offering all of his books for sale, including AGES OF AENYA and THE PRINCESS OF AENYA, but the real focus will be on his just-released title, THE FERAL GIRL! He will also be handing out free bookmarks!

THE FERAL GIRL is the long-awaited prequel to AGES OF AENYA. Lost and alone, a young girl braves the jungles of Aenya armed only with her bow, becoming both predator and prey. When food in her homeland becomes scarce, Thelana is sent away to find civilization. The days that follow become a fight to stay alive as she makes her way through the Wildwood, an unforgiving, two-hundred-day trek through wilderness and ruin, where she discovers a world far stranger and more terrifying than she ever imagined. THE FERAL GIRL is a harrowing tale of survival, hope, and the limits of the human heart.

At just nine years old, Nick convinced his parents to fly him to DC Comics HQ in New York City to solicit his comic book series, The Panthers. While that didn't pan out, he devoted himself to storytelling ever since, earning an English degree from the University of South Florida while pursuing an MA in Ancient History. The fantasy adventure novels in his Aenya Series take inspiration from He-Man, Conan, and Dungeons & Dragons; earning praise from Kirkus Magazine, IndieReader, and a devoted following of readers.

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