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Most Saturdays starting August 6th 2022 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Join Renee (Tilde) and Shelby (Underscore) of Slashventures in the Emerald City Events Room as they guide you through the process of making your own comic! During these semi-weekly classes you will learn how to make your own comic from start to finish.

You will be taught both the basic and more advanced aspects of making comics including writing, editing, and even advertising your comic. So whether you know a lot or not, there’s still more to learn here!

Classes are $10 per session, and groups of 2 or more may be eligible for a discount. Fees will be collected at the Events Room door (cash or card), or pre-ordered through their website at the following link:

After each session, every student will receive an Emerald City SLASHVENTURES COMIC CREATION CLASSES COUPON good for 15% off graphic novels and non-gaming books, redeemable on the day of the class!

At the end of these classes, you might have the opportunity to showcase your work as a local creator on Emerald City's NEW COMICS WALL! Consider joining soon and let them know what you’d like to learn most!

(Students under age 13 should be accompanied by an adult. Classes are recommended for teens and older, as much of the content is related to self-publishing comics.)

Find any updates at the Facebook event:
Slashventures Comic Creation Classes at EC! | Facebook

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