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Saturday, May 14th from 1pm to 6pm

Justin Ponsor ("JPo") was a world-class comic book colorist and a friend to the Team here at EC! He passed away in 2019 after a two-year public battle with cancer. Help us honor and celebrate his legacy – all proceeds will benefit The Hero Initiative, helping comic creators in need!

A silent auction will be held to raise funds for the charity.

Join the VS System 2PCG Tournament using the "Singularity" format – JPo's favorite! New players are welcome, and decks will be available if you don't already have one!

Singularity Format Rules:

  • You may only have one copy of each character, equipment, and plot twist card in your deck.
  • This does not apply to Main Characters with more than one copy, like MCU Ultron.
  • You can still have up to four of each basic and special location.
  • The regular Illustrated and Photographic Universe rules apply.***
  • Clarification: Cards that do not go into your deck are not affected by this limit. Examples can include Goblin Queen's Goblin Tokens, Facehuggers, & Dawn from Buffy Battles.

*** The cards in VS 2PCG are split into two separate "universes." Cards with illustrated comic book artwork are part of the Illustrated Universe. Cards where screencaps and photographs are used in place of artwork are part of the "Photographic Universe." When building decks, they must contain collections of exactly 60 cards from a single one of the universes with no crossover, but an illustrated deck and a photographic deck can still play against each other normally.

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