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Sunday, July 16th at 12:30pm


The incursions continue! Emerald City Comics will be hosting a series of Incursion Format events for Vs 2PCG. We will be using the banned list below for this event. The banned list for this format will evolve as local events are played. Here is how that will happen:

The winner of this event will choose to ban any card (other than basic or wild locations) for future Incursion events - or they can remove a card from the current banned list, making it playable again!

Each MC placing in the top 3 in the event will be added to the banned list.

One random participant who did not place in the top 3 will also have an impact on the format (details to be announced at the event).

This event will start at 1pm. Please arrive by 12:30 to register and get pairings done.

$5 entry fee, and all players get a foil card! Prizes will be given out to the top 3 and a random door prize will also be given out to another player. At least one of the prizes will be a playmat.

Banned cards

The following cards are not allowed in the Incursion Format:

Main Characters
-Adam Warlock
-Captain Marvel (COS)
-Cloak & Dagger
-Dark Phoenix
-Doctor Doom
-Jean Grey
-Kate Pryde
-Liu Kang
-Mayor Wilkins
-Professor X (HOX)
-Shuri (MCU)
-Spider-Man (MCU)
-Storm (MNB)
-Wanda Maximoff (MCU WandaVision)
-Wasp (MCU)

Supporting characters
-Black Widow (Champions)
-Dark Phoenix
-Jessica Jones
-Senator Kelly
-Sentinels that cost 1 (Alpha Combat Units and Executive Types)

-The Nullifier

Plot Twists
-Out of Time

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