Weird Tales Volume 38 Number 1

Emerald City Comics

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September 1944


The Shadow Folk by Edmond Hamilton

Short Stories

The Long Still Streets of Evening by Frank Owen

The Seven Seas Are One by Allison V. Harding

Bang! You’re Dead! By Ray Bradbury

The Devil’s Ticket by Robert Bloach

Pacific 421 by August Derleth

Sorcery from Thule by Manly Wade Wellman

The Wayward Skunk by Harold Lawlor

The Weirds of the Woodcarver by Gardner F. Fox

Monsieur Bluebeard by Emil Petaja


The Path Through the Marsh by Leah Bodine Drake

Rats by Glenn Ward Dresbach

To the Moon by Stanton A. Coblentz


Superstitions and Taboos by Irwin J. Weill

The Eyrie and Weird Tales Club


Cover by A. R. Tilburne