Weird Tales Volume 36 Number 1

Emerald City Comics

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September 1941


Beyond the Threshold by August W. Derleth

Birthmark by Seabury Quinn

Short Stories

Where Are You, Mr. Biggs? By Nelson S. Bond

The Man Who Lived by Raymond F. O’Kelley

Unhallowed Holiday by O. M. Cabral

A Sorcerer Runs for Sheriff by Robert Bloch

The Half-Haunted by Gans T. Field

The Music from Infinity by Thorp McClusky

The Lost Gods by Dorothy Quick


Reincarnation by Gerald Chan Sieg

Witch Dance by Clark Ashton Smith


Superstitions and Taboos by Irwin J. Weill


The Eyrie and Weird Tales Club


Cover by Margaret Brundage