Val Mayerik Page #6 of 'Swift Sculpture' from Warren Vampirella Magazine #76

Emerald City Comics

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Val Mayerik (signed) - Page 6 (of an 8 page story) from Warren Vampirella Magazine #76 (March 1979)

"Swift Sculpture"

Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy

Characters: Catseye, Temunjin, Snow Ghasts, Dragons, and the people of Rask’Khal

Synopsis: A warrior woman named, Catseye travels through an arctic wasteland with her pet wolf, Temujin, fighting off some snow ghasts along the way. She eventually reaches a cave where they encounter a dragon. The dragon is able to heal her wounded wolf with his blood, and creates ice sculptures with his breath. She brings him back to her village to make an iceberg a sculpture where in return they have a female dragon waiting for him.

Dimensions: 17” x 12.5”