Val Mayerik and Ernie Chan Page #3 of Assault on a Cold Fortress from Ka-Zar, Lord of the Hidden Jungle #20

Emerald City Comics

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Val Mayerik / Ernie Chan - Page 3 (of a 17 page story) from Ka-Zar, Lord of the Hidden Jungle #20 (February 1977)

Story continues in X-men #115 (November 1978)

“Assault on a Cold Fortress”

Genre: Adventure, Jungle

Characters: Ka-Zar; Zartros; Tandy Snow; Tongah; Bernard Kloss; Charn; Seesha; Kramen; Klaw; Saxtur; Armada From Beyond

Synopsis: Ka-Zar and Zartros rescues Tandy Snow and then teams up with the Kramen to Battle Saxtur and Klaw. Don’t look now but the Armada from Beyond are lurking behind the scenes to continue the fight.

Dimensions: 16” x 10.5”