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The exciting first volume of the Shiver Bureau series. Join Pickle and Trish as they investigate a curious case of missing orphans in an alternate reality London overrun with ghosts and other evil things.

Comedy, action-adventure full of spooky monsters and witty banter. Throwback to Saturday morning cartoons.

Ghosts are no longer able to pass over to the other side. Trapped in the mundane world, some spirits carry about with their old lives. Shivers, however, are a terrible nuisance at best and deadly at their worst.

Only a corrupt agency known as the Shiver Bureau and its Inspectors have any power over the shivers. The Bureau continues to gain power, but lose trust. Whispers of darker things hiding in the shadows threaten to topple the delicate balance.

A raging, less than ideal, group of misfits are tossed down a path to get things right or make everything come tumbling down...but maybe that's just what the world needs.

A great mixture of humor and action.