Rob Hunter and Billy Tan Page 2 of 'Sea Change' from Green Lantern #32

Emerald City Comics

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Rob Hunter / Billy Tan-Page 2 (of a 20 page story) of “Sea Change” from Green Lantern #32 (August 2014) - (page 2 is the title/splash page for this issue)

“Sea Change”

Genre: Science Fiction; Superhero

Characters: Green Lantern Corps (Barreer Wot; B'ox; Gorin-Sunn; Hal Jordan; Kilowog; Mogo; Princess Iolande; Salaak; Two-Six;  and Vode-M);
General Khurtz; Star Sapphire (Prixiam Nol-Anj); The Ancients (villains)

Synopsis: In the midst of a bloody interstellar revolution against the Green Lantern Corps, the Durlans make a move to claim the ultimate position of power for themselves! But the battered Corps' only hope is Intel possessed by a sworn enemy, Nol-Anj.

Dimensions: 17” x 11”

Signed by Rob Hunter