Rob Hunter and Billy Tan Page 17 of 'Battle of Wills' from Green Lantern #31

Emerald City Comics

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Rob Hunter / Billy Tan-Page 17 (of a 20 page story) of “Battle of Wills” from Green Lantern #31 (July 2014)

“Battle of Wills”

Genre: Science Fiction; Superhero

Characters: Green Lantern Corps (Apros; Arisia Rrab; Ash-Pak-Glif; B'ox; Feska; Gazzl; Gorin-Sunn; Graf Toren; Hal Jordan; Hannu; Isamot Kol; Jruk; Kilowog; Mogo; Mukmuk; Nemux; Salaak; Shorm; Stel; Tomar-Tu; Turytt; and Two-Six);
General Khurtz; Star Sapphire (Prixiam Nol-Anj); The Ancients (villains)

Synopsis: Rebellion has spread across the universe as former allies join forces with the Durlans, Khund and Outer Clanns to overthrow the authority of the Corps. It's an all-out assault on Mogo, but will the greatest threat come from without - or within? The outcome of the battle, the survival of the Corps and the future of the universe itself rests on the shoulders of Hal Jordan - and after a bruising start to his tenure as Corps leader, he is more than ready for a fight.

Dimensions: 17” x 11”

Signed by Rob Hunter