Rob Hunter and Billy Tan Page 11 of 'Dead Worlds' from Green Lantern #35

Emerald City Comics

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Rob Hunter / Billy Tan-Page 11 (of a 20 page story) of “Dead Worlds” from Green Lantern #35 (December 2014)

“Dead Worlds”

Genre: Science Fiction; Superhero

Characters: Green Lantern Corps (Barreer Wot; Gorin-Sunn; John Stewart; Hal Jordan; Kilowog; Lok Neboora; Mogo; Salaak; Two-Six;  and Vode-M); Blue Lantern Corps (Saint Walker; Bro'Dee Walker); Sinestro (Yellow Lantern) Corps  Lyssa Drak; Thaal Sinestro; Council of Eight (Bekka; Lightray; Metron; Orion); Highfather; Relic (cameo)

Synopsis: That shudder you felt was the New Gods declaring their intentions against all ring-wielders! Having staked their claim to the emotional spectrum, the New Gods set about redefining the universe in their image, starting with Metron, who's determined to steal the secrets of the Corps' Citadel. But Hal and the Corps have something to say about that. Good luck trying to make yourself heard when you're talking to a god.

Dimensions: 17” x 11”

Signed by Rob Hunter