Avon Fantasy Reader Number 18

Emerald City Comics

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Issue number 18 of the science fiction and fantasy anthology magazine Avon Fantasy Reader from January 1952. Featuring the story "Out of the Eons" ghostwritten by H. P. Lovecraft, writer of "The Outsiders and Others".

The stories collected include:

"The Witch from Hell's Kitchen" by Robert E. Howard,

"The Devil in Hollywood" by Dale Clark,

"The Watcher in the Green Room" by Hugh B. Cave,

"A Victim of Higher Space" (John Silence series) by Algernon Blackwood,

"Out of the Eons" by Hazel Heald (ghost written by H. P. Lovecraft),

"Just What Happened" by Gelett Burgess,

"The Phantom Ship of Dirk Van Tromp" by James Francis Dwyer,

"Amina" by Edward Lucas White,

"The Haunted Jarvee" (Carnacki series) by William Hope Hodgson.