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Issue number 16 of the science fiction and fantasy anthology magazine Avon Fantasy Reader from April 1951. Featuring the story "The Hound of Tindalos" by Frank Belknap Long.

The stories collected include:

"The Black Kiss" (Michael Leigh series) by Robert Bloch,

"Mr. Strenberry's Tale" (aka "Doomsday") by J. B. Priestley,

"The Man Who Lived Backward" by Gelett Burgess,

"Something From Above" by Donald Wandrei,

"The Wax Doll" by Greye La Spina (as Ezra Putnam),

"The Forest of Lost Men" by Beatrice Grimshaw,

"The Place of Pain" by M. P. Shiel,

"The River" by L. Major Reynolds,

"The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" by John Kendrick Bangs,

"The Hounds of Tindalos" by Frank Belknap Long,

"The Picture" by Francis Flagg.