Asteroids for Atari 2600


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Includes the Asteroids game cartridge, instruction manual, and game box. A great find for classic video game fans!

Product Information
A Kaboom! copycat, Eggomania features a nicely animated, amusingly rendered chicken dancing across the top of the screen while dropping eggs. Players maneuver an ugly blue bear back and forth along the lower portion of the playfield, trying to catch the eggs in its hat. Missing eggs causes the yolk level, which can eventually cover up the bear entirely, to rise. Catching an entire wave of eggs gives the bear a chance to lower the yolk level by hitting the chicken with an egg. In terms of Kaboom! clones, Eggomania is much better than Apollo's Lost Luggage, but it's not as rhythmic, addictive or as intense as its progenitor. Paddle control is similarly excellent, but catching the slow-moving eggs in a hat is less versatile and less engaging than catching the progressively faster bombs of Kaboom! in buckets of water. On the plus side, musical accompaniment and giving the bear a chance to fire back are nice additions to the formula.

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Product Identifiers
Publisher U.S. Games
Game Eggomania

Key Features
Platform Atari 2600

Tech Details
Release Year 1982