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Acclaimed actor, AEW Champion, musician, bestselling author, podcaster, game show host, and television personality Chris Jericho is now bringing his alter ego The Painmaker to life in a cutting-edge graphic novel! Teaming up with Semkhor Studios, The Painmaker Graphic Novel takes Jericho's creation of a flawed intergalactic serial killer hunter and sends him through a techno occult landscape seeking power and redemption!

The FOUNDATION PACKAGE is for those who want to take a first step in helping to build the Painmaker Universe – and explore it even further!

It provides greater access to the interactive world that extends the storyline of the comic. It features a combination of a physical and digital comic and collectibles. This is edition #1 and when sales close, the cover will never be issued again.

  • Silver Foil Comic Book (28 page + 4 Cover, staple bound)
  • Single Sided Silver Foil Trading Card
  • Silver Foil Bookmark 2x6
  • 3x3 Sticker Square Cut
  • 4x6 Metal Mini Print
  • This package includes a digital collectible (NFT) randomly drawn from a collection of over 350 unique Painmaker comic covers. The NFT allows access to a digital version of the comic that includes frame animations, a blockchain game, and access to a community that will continue to expand the Painmaker Universe.

      Package prices include shipping and handling from Semkhor Studios and Collector Level Packaging! [Emerald City is only processing the transactions, and will provide them with your shipping address]. 

      Preorders taken through April 1st. Items to be printed and shipped some time after that.

      From the publisher:

      We love Graphic Novels. They have provided the most widely creative stories in popular entertainment and continue to form the basis of major productions from AMAZON STUDIOS’ THE BOYS to NETFLIX’s THE SANDMAN. The Painmaker is a complex character on a difficult journey through a mysterious landscape, and you won’t find a story like this from your typical comic book publisher.

      This story arc takes place over 4 issues and follows the Painmaker through his origin, the establishment of his mission and choice, and his battle with himself and powerful enemies. The comics and NFTs have been developed with the goal of creating value through both packaging and utility. We are offering first editions that will include covers and collectibles that will never be repeated.

      The project is a combination of physical comic and explorable digital world. Over time, we will add more animations, games, collectibles, and story lines. Supporting this project will allow us to continue telling this story and there is no limit to how far the project can expand. Owners of these comic tokens will be the first to have access to future stories, games, features, bonuses, and discounts. There will also be challenges and opportunities to connect with the Studio and Chris. Our goal is to build a community around this project that co-creates a Metaverse and more compelling stories.