Enough people have asked us about this, so we want to put this out so we’re all on the same page:

DC Comics has declared Tuesdays as their new release day, but have not yet found a way to reliably get their comics to stores early enough for that to happen (we get comics on Tuesdays to sell on Wednesdays, so DC’s comics would have to arrive Mondays to have them ready when we open at 11am on Tuesdays).

Even if they do start to ship them to us on Mondays, it is not reasonable for us to change our Team’s schedule and check-in processes for only one publisher, when the entire rest of the comics industry is sticking to Wednesday as New Comic Book Day. We have people specifically scheduled on Tuesdays to count, inspect, check in, and pull the new comics for our subscribers. Mondays are when we check and clean up the New Comics Wall and graphic novel sections, and reorder what has sold out in the last week so it’s available again before the weekend.

Also, we feel it is unfair for DC Comics to force our Guests to come in twice a week to ensure we’re not sold out of a comic they want, so we will continue to put DC’s comics out for sale on Wednesday morning with the rest of the new comics to be fair to all.

The exception we can make for our in-store comics subscribers is this: we should usually have DC’s comics in subscribers’ files by 2pm on Tuesdays. We will gladly hand our subscribers any DC Comics that are in their file on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, any titles or alternate covers that are not subscribed to will not be available until Wednesday at 11am.

We appreciate your understanding. Wednesday has been comics’ “Christmas morning” for a long time now, and longtime readers and new fans alike all know it as New Comic Book Day! If a great majority of comic book publishers decide as an industry to change it to Tuesday or any other day of the week, we will move mountains to make that work for our EC Family – and we’ll shout it to the heavens so you know when to come get your new comics! But until then…


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