Two HUGE event days on the horizon! Newsletter 4/22/16


Read all about them, and all of our other great events and give-aways and raffles, below!



Saturday, April 23rd from 5pm to 9pm

Do you enjoy Board games? Got a fantastic new game and no one at home to play it with? Well, bring it on down to our Emerald City Board Game Meet-Ups!

No purchase necessary to come down and have fun! The festivities start at 5pm. Even if you don’t have your own games to play, fear not — we have a wide variety of free-to-play demonstration copies for anyone to use in our game room!

Drink and snack purchases are available!

Our Board Game Meet-ups are open to all — players under age 13 are welcome with an adult.



Sundays from 4pm to 6pm

Ages 8-16
New players always welcome!

Our Pokémon Youth League provides a nearby place for you to get together with other fans of both the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the Pokémon video games, and have some fun!

Using your own cards and Pokémon video games, you can play, trade, and even earn cool prizes! The best part is that you can do all this with other Pokémon players who love collecting and playing just as much as you do!

What IS the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

Download the rules here…

…or stop by during our events to see first-hand how the game is played!

“You are a Pokémon Trainer! You travel across the land, battling other Trainers with your Pokémon, creatures that love to battle and that have amazing powers! Your deck of cards represents your Pokémon as well as items and allies that help you on your adventures.

Trading card games are strategy based and use collectible cards to let each player customize his or her game. The best way to learn to play the Pokémon TCG is with a Trainer Kit. This has two ready-to-play decks that walk you through the game, step by step. From there, try a theme deck to get an idea of the different kinds of decks out there. Once you’re ready, you can start building your collection of cards with Pokémon TCG booster packs. Trade with your friends for the strongest Pokémon or collect all your favorites! Then, build your own 60-card deck, play with your friends, and show off your own personal Pokémon team!

In the Pokémon TCG, your Pokémon battle your opponent’s Pokémon. The first player to take all of his or her Prize cards wins! Also, if your opponent cannot draw a card at the beginning of his or her turn, or has no Pokémon left in play, you win the game!”



Wednesday, April 27th from 11am to 9pm

DC Rebirth is here!!! And, EC can help you get all the game-changing first issues, so you don’t miss a beat!
Plus, it’s International Tabletop Day, April 30th!!! To get you ready for these major events…

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th, when the FIRST 25 GUESTS at 11am & 7pm will receive a FREE DC PREVIEWS MAGAZINE & CHECKLIST!!!

(Ages 10+; 2-5 players.)

Winners will be called on Friday, April 29th!

* Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by the phone number/email given on the entry ballot. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER! All winners must collect their prize(s) within 2 weeks of the drawing date. (EC reserves the right to alter/substitute give-aways and raffle prizes when unexpected circumstances occur. All entries must be printed legibly to be considered eligible. ONE entry PER PERSON, please. To keep the raffle fair to all entrants, multiple entries will disqualify the entrant.)



Thursday, April 28th from 6pm to 9pm
and every other Thursday

Emerald City is proud to present an evening for casual game play of the popular and exciting Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game!

We will have a staff member on hand to teach this game, and to get people involved in playing duels with other participants. We have several 3×3′ gaming areas and four 2×2′ demo tables to play on for quicker games.

What IS the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game?

For more information, rules and how to play video:

“Control the most advanced starfighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy! In the X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat.

Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space battles from small engagements of only a couple of craft to large conflicts where multiple squadrons clash. Select and equip your ships, pick your crew, plan your attack, and complete your mission!”



Friday, April 29th from 6:30pm to 9pm

Players will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set before official world-wide release!

The Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set features three major sub-themes of the All-New X-Men, the Marauders, Freedom Force and much more!

Entry Fee: $16 per person — each participant receives one 5-figure booster pack of Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men.

NEW PLAYERS! If the following tournament details seem daunting to you, feel free to come and play at a “beginner’s table,” where one of our EC Team Members can get you started playing a non-tournament “casual” game with other new players!

Style: Sealed Swiss
Force Construction: DRAFT

Drafting Instructions: Players open their boosters and draft a team of 5 figures from the boosters — for the purpose of drafting, seat all players in groups of 4. Each player choose one figure out of their first booster and each booster passed to them until all players have drafted a team of 5 figures. Players play all 5 figures as their team.

Action Limit: The action limit for the tournament is 1 action per 100 points of drafted team with the lowest team build total.
If the player with the lowest team build total has a 275 point team, the tournament is run as 2 actions per player.
If a player with the lowest team build total has a 315 point team, the tournament is run as 3 actions per player.

Players keep the 5 figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set that they drafted for their team.

Players also have a chance to win one Limited Edition (LE) Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Map or a Limited Edition (LE) Prize Figure.

For more information:

To sign up, please visit:



tabletop day
Saturday, April 30th from 11am to 9pm

This is a celebration of all things TABLETOP!

All day long, games will be 20% OFF!!! This includes board games, trading card games, miniatures games, role-playing games, and any supplies in our games category such as paints and dice!

Join us for an all-day event of tabletop gaming. All are welcome to come and play. We look forward to seeing our gaming community come together to support this event, and to see anyone who has ever wanted to “roll dice” come visit and learn to play!

Every International Tabletop Day we here at EC strive to make it the best day of gaming for you!

To this end we have set up several games to be demonstrated throughout the day!

Check out the list below!*

Intruders have made their way on to your ship! Their goal: Total Destruction! Twenty bombs have been detected onboard, and the countdown has begun. Your elite Bomb Defusal Team (BDT) has been called to neutralize the threat. Does your team have what it takes to work through the intricacies of the bombs and defuse them in time? You’d better get moving, because this game will self-destruct in 10-minutes… FUSE is a real-time, cooperative dice game where players work together to quickly save their ship from impending doom!

Carved into the crags of the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient Japan lies the ancient shrine of Onitama. Masters of the Arts journey there with their most promising disciples to prove their superiority in battle. Part of the Dice Tower Essential line, Onitama is an elegant, abstract strategy game which captures the flavor of martial arts. In this game of elegance and simplicity, two players compete in 10-15 minute matches. With endless re-playability, players can be engaged for hours! Will you hazard the journey and meet within Onitama’s hallowed walls to prove your superiority?

Dingo and his friends have gotten lost on Walkabout! Visit their dreams to lead them home!
Dingo’s Dreams is a delightful and clever family game for 2-4 players. Each player competes to be the first to successfully guide his animal through the dream world.

In Superfight, Skybound’s wildly popular party game of absurd arguments, players use cards to generate ridiculous characters and then argue about who would win in a fight. From this 500-card core deck, you might have a T-rex with laser eyes VS. Bruce Lee made of steel, or a pirate swinging a shark on a chain VS. a kindergarten class that breathes fire!

Short Tempers! Cold Cash! Hot Lead! The big heist may have been a success, but it all goes wrong when every crook wants a larger cut. With this much money on the table, bullets speak louder than words! In Cash ‘n Guns, players point foam pistols at each other and try to intimidate their opponents into letting them have the largest share. The bravest crooks enjoy the most money – but only if they live long enough to spend it!

In Pandemic: The Cure, a stand-alone, dice-based version of the award-winning Pandemic board game, four diseases threaten the world and it falls to your team to save humanity. Players take on different roles, each with its own unique set of dice and abilities, and must take advantage of their specializations if they have any hope of (surviving!) winning the game. If, at any time, a region is infected with more than three dice of a given color, an outbreak occurs, spreading disease into an adjacent region. If too many outbreaks take place, or the rate of contamination gets too high, all the players lose. If, however, the players can discover the cures to the four diseases, humanity endures…until the next epidemic!

Our friends at Gamer’s On The Edge will be running a demonstration table with the following games. They will also be holding raffles for prizes. Donations go the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run. Designed by Steve Jackson, the Munchkin card game captures the essence of the dungeon experience as you and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items!

All of the eligible young men (and many of the not-so-young) seek to woo Princess Annette of Tempest. Unfortunately, she has locked herself in the palace, and you must rely on others to bring your romantic letters to her. Will yours reach her first? Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 2-4 suitors.

Double Exposure Envoy Bill Eastman will also be on hand to demonstrate the following games. Trying out these games will gain you some International Tabletop Day giveaways while supplies last.

The forest is filled with all sorts of monsters. They watched and waited as you built your castle and trained your soldiers – but now they`ve gathered their army and are marching out of the woods! Can you work with your friends to defend your castle, or will the monsters tear down your walls and destroy the precious castle towers?

Walk the twisted streets of the Mad City in a boardgame that fuses worker placement with deck building. Extract dreams in the City Slumbering, and use them to buy favors from Nightmares. Procure special services in the Bizarre Bazaar. Score points through skillful play in Mother Whens deadly High School and the sinister 13th District. Compete for the Wax Kings favor, and the ultimate prize…escape! In this game rooted in the sinister world of the Dont Rest Your Head roleplaying game, your opponents lurk around every corner, waiting to attack. Can you outsmart your friends and win the Nightmares game? Whatever you do, Don’t Turn Your Back!

*Times when the demonstrations will be running will be listed soon.

We will also be featuring a Paint & Take table. There will be plenty of paints and brushes for you to paint a miniature and take that miniature home with you!

Hungry? David’s Dawg House will be on hand to take care of your hunger!

Check out this great promotional video, made by our friends at Gamers on the Edge!



ECBC! Emerald City Book Club
Tuesday, May 3rd from 7pm to 8pm

ECBC meets the FIRST TUESDAY of the month from 7-8pm to discuss the featured book.

The featured book is 20% OFF for the month leading up to its ECBC meeting!
(Discount will be calculated at the register, and does not combine with any other discounts or programs).

The featured book for this meeting is SAGA volume 1, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. SAGA is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, published monthly by Image Comics. The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars, and based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent. It depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series.

The featured book for next meeting will be announced at the end of the current meeting.



Wednesday, May 4th from 7pm to 10pm
at Pair O’ Dice Brewing Company
4400 118th Avenue North #208, Clearwater, FL 33762

Roll the dice @ Pair O’ Dice with Emerald City Comics!

The Emerald City folks are back every other Wednesday with even more games to play! Stop in to see what’s new in the world of board gaming and craft beer!

Pair O’ Dice Brewing Company will have plenty of room for your favorite tabletop and card games. This event is free to take part in and welcomes all newcomers to board gaming! If there is a game you have been wanting to try, or want to get a group together to play, then this is the night for you!



FCBD tall
Saturday, May 7th from 11am to 9pm

As the name implies, Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops.

Each of our Guests will be able to choose any three comics from those available! Here is what is being offered this year:


Also all day, enter our raffle to win* one of ten sets of ALL 50 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY COMICS!

Winners will be announced Monday, May 9th.

From 1-4pm, come and meet** comic book creators Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Rob Hunter, and Adam Riches!

Also, photo ops with BATMAN and SPIDER-MAN!**
(times to be determined — check with the store or our Facebook page for updates)

* Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by the phone number/email given on the entry ballot. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER! All winners must collect their prize(s) within 2 weeks of the drawing date. (EC reserves the right to alter/substitute give-aways and raffle prizes when unexpected circumstances occur. All entries must be printed legibly to be considered eligible. ONE entry PER PERSON, please. To keep the raffle fair to all entrants, multiple entries will disqualify the entrant.)

** Scheduled to appear; subject to change without notice. See EC’s Facebook Page or contact the store for updates.



Sunday, May 8th from noon to 6pm

Comics get all the love on Free Comic Book Day — so TOYS and GAMES start to feel left out! So come back Sunday the 8th to share the love with 10% off anything in our Toys and Games categories!!!



Always get the latest EC updates on our Facebook page:


And also see the Events page on our website for upcoming events:


Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:


(Please note: the following featured items were expected to ship, but are not guaranteed to be in-stock in the case of shortages or sell-outs)



Click here for new releases!


Featured Comic Books:


(W) Georgia Ball (A/CA) Amy Mebberson
The hit series continues! Disney’s beloved heroines have returned in this hilarious collection of Disney Princess comic strips! Featuring laugh-out-loud stories from the worlds of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Aurora, and more, this charming ongoing series will make all your royal dreams come true.


(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Jorge Coehlo (CA) E.M. Gist
•  Get ready to meet the 999 happy haunts residing in the mansion…but some of them aren’t quite so happy!
•  Madame Leota! The Hatbox ghost! Constance the Bride! The Hitchhiking ghosts! You never know who of the legendary cast from Disney’s world-famous attraction will appear!
•  Danny is trapped within the Haunted Mansion, but who is trying to help him, and who is using him for their own ghoulish plot?
•  Don’t miss the next chapter in the delightfully chilling story based on the fan-favorite Disney attraction!
Rated T


(W) Warren Ellis (A) Roland Boschi (CA) David Aja
• Just when you thought Karnak couldn’t get more intense and insane, it does.
•  The trail left by the kidnapped Inhuman gets nuclear and Karnak is caught in the mushroom cloud.
Rated T+


(W) David Walker (A/CA) Sanford Greene
•  POWER MAN and IRON FIST are swimming through New York City’s currents of crime trying to retrieve the SUPERSOUL STONE. Beware the underworld undertow!
•  Meanwhile, JENNIE and BLACK MARIAH’s nefarious plans begin to bear fruit.
•  With a magic-fueled crisis at its tipping point and all of New York hanging in the balance it’s the perfect atmosphere to rekindle a smoldering friendship, so GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY, LUKE AND DANNY!
Rated T


(W) Joe Kelly (A/CA) Ed McGuinness
• Double date, Deadpool style!
•  Spider-Man finally agrees to hang out with Deadpool outside of adventures, but he might regret it when he discovers that his date is a friend of Deadpool’s wife, Shiklah, demon queen of Monster Metropolis.
•  Who’s Deadpool’s date? Guest-star THOR!
Rated T+


(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Sean Murphy
Flak world’s new CCO, Davey Trauma, is making some changes to The Isles of Los Angeles more to his suiting. How could it get any worse? You’ll see. Constable Led Dent returns to his brutal beat, but he’s haunted by a ghost from Tokyo.



Featured Graphic Novels:


He’s annoying. He’s dangerous. He smells terrible. But the public loves him! That’s right – the Merc with a Mouth is now the most popular hero in the world. Eat that, Spidey! But with great popularity comes overbearing responsibility, so Wade has called in a little help being him. You won’t believe – or recognize – who he signed up! (Unless you’ve memorized every volume of the Official Handbook.) But when an imposter sets out to ruin Wade Wilson, our hero has the perfect bait to lure the baddie out: his innocent daughter, Ellie! Plus: Jump 84 years into the future for an even-newer, even-different-er Deadpool 2099! And – in an entirely Spanish-language tale – meet Masacre, the Deadpool of Mexico! This book has more Deadpool than you can handle! Collecting DEADPOOL (2015) #1-6 and #3.1: TRES PUNTO UNO.
Parental Advisory


(W/A/CA) Skottie Young
From superstar writer and artist SKOTTIE YOUNG (Rocket Raccoon, Wizard of Oz, Fortunately, The Milk), comes the first volume of an all-new series of adventure and mayhem.
An Adventure Time/Alice in Wonderland-style epic that smashes its cute little face against grown-up Tank Girl/Deadpool-esque violent madness. Follow Gert, a forty-year-old woman in a six-year-old’s body, who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for nearly thirty years. Join her and her giant battle-axe on a delightfully blood-soaked journey to see who will survive the girl who HATES FAIRYLAND. Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND #1-5


(W) Peter J. Tomasi & Various (A) Fernando Pasarin & Various (CA) Francis Manapul
The world’s greatest heroes have gained the powers of the New Gods-but how will they handle them? And how will this affect the winds of war? Find out in these stories from the JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR one-shots starring Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Lex Luthor and Shazam!


Two of the biggest titles in comics collide in the first crossover of the new Marvel age of STAR WARS! When Darth Vader accidentally finds himself facing off against the rebel fleet on his own, he is sent crashing onto a nearby planet. Will the rebels seize this opportunity to put an end to one of their greatest enemies – or will they be made to feel the full power of the dark side? The Sith Lord may be down, but he isn’t out! All your favorites are here, old and new, good and evil: Luke! Vader! Leia! Aphra! Han! Threepio, Artoo, Triple-Zero and BT-1! And in a hair-raising battle of the Wookiees, Chewbacca versus Black Krrsantan! ROOOARRGH UR ROO! Collecting STAR WARS: VADER DOWN, STAR WARS (2015) #13-14 and DARTH VADER #13-15.
Rated T



“Justin’s Jabber” — Back Issues


Sorry, I can’t really think of any funny stuff to say this week. I’m still bummed about Prince dying.


Runaways #1, Very Fine/Fine condition, $45.


Wolverine #154, Very Fine Minus (7.5) condition, $25.


Green Lantern Green Arrow #85, Speedy Drug Story Part one, Very Good/Good (3.0) condition, $60.


Booster Gold #1, first appearance of Booster Gold, Very Fine/Fine (7.0) condition, $20


Little Red Cor-Vette! Baby You’re Much Too Fast.
Little Red Cor-Vette! You Need To Find A Love That’s Gonna Last.


(Please note that the digital samples above are for clear image references only, and are NOT the actual books being offered for sale.)





Apex is a deck-building game, played solo or with up to 5 friends. You play as a prehistoric predator competing for territory and resources against other predators. Each playable species has a unique deck to master. Each deck has different strengths, weaknesses, and strategies— creating a varied and constantly evolving experience.
Your species must overcome a very brutal environment including harsh climate changes, disease, attacks from predators, grievous wounds, infections, and deadly prey. The game incorporates many dinosaurs that behave in their own distinct way. The goal of the game is to endure the environment, build up the population and evolve your species, and become the apex predator.


Take it Anywhere, Play it Anywhere! Ready to Fight? Dragon Punch is a super-fast, ultra-portable, two-player card game that plays just like your favorite fighting games – it’s all about trying to outwit your opponent with the timing and positioning of your attacks and defenses. Dragon Punch doesn’t require a table or other surface to play, and the tiny wallet fits right in your pocket.


A merciless war is raging throughout feudal Japan, fueled by the hunger for power or the desire for peace of its great lords. As one of them, you must defend your territory from the enemy threatening your borders. Now it’s time to command you troops and read through your opponent’s strategy to take over the battlefield and prevail!


Millennium Blades is a board game about a fictional collectible card game, which is also called Millennium Blades. You begin the game on pre-release night with just your starter deck. You’ll open new packs, form collections, and sell your junk cards on the aftermarket to buy hot new cards. Trade with your friends, build up your deck, and prepare to compete at Millennium Blades Worlds for the title of World Champion! This is a game about competitive deck building. You get a limited pool of cards, and then you tinker them into the most unfairly over-powered, table-flippingly broken deck that you can imagine. And your deck had better be pretty crazy, because your opponents won’t be giving any quarter, and they all have unique collections with access to their own high-tier power cards. In addition to deckbuilding, you’ll be speculating on blind pack buys, selling and buying cards on the aftermarket, and fusing your cards to make rarer and better ones to get an advantage over the competition. You might even make a few friends, if you’re willing to help them out.


In VS System: 2PCG, players choose a main character, build a deck with exactly sixty cards, and attempt to stun the other player’s main character in a game of superhero battles and suspense! This expansion features all new playable content based on Marvel’s A-Force.


The ClixFX Accessory Pack contains eleven sculpted bases for use in your HeroClix campaigns that act as visual indicators of ongoing game effects from standard or special powers, including Smoke, Ice/Wall, Web, and more!



Toys / Collectibles


A Diamond Select Toys Release! We’re getting the team back together! Joining Series 1’s Winston, Ray and Louis, Series 2 of Ghostbusters Movie Select action figures features none other than Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler and Dana Barrett as Zuul! Each 7-inch scale action figure features approximately 16 points of articulation, and Peter and Egon each include their proton packs and wands. Plus, each figure includes a section of the rooftop temple diorama — collect all 15 figures in the line to re-create the original movie’s final scene! Each figure is packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with side panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!


In the newest installment of the Terminator series, when John Connor, leader of the human resistance against Skynet, sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah Connor, from a Terminator assassin, an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline. Instead of a scared waitress, Sarah is a skilled fighter and has a Terminator Guardian by her side. Faced with unlikely allies and dangerous new enemies, Reese sets out on an unexpected new mission to reset the future.
To celebrate the launch of this film, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are pleased to present the T-800 Guardian Sixth Scale Figure from Terminator Genisys.
The T-800 Guardian collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie and features two newly developed head sculpts, a leather-like jacket licensed by Matchless, the oldest British brand of motorcycles and clothing, a detailed weapon, and an LED light-up figure base.


This time, the Joker isn’t after human lives; he wants the royalties! The Batman: The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker Bust features the infamous villain as seen in a classic episode from Batman: The Animated Series. What’s he’s got there? Why, it’s his very own creation, the Laughing Fish, and the copyright documentation to prove it! The Clown Prince of Crime is going to make a killing, and you can too. Pick up this 6-inch tall resin statue. With incredible detailing and unique paintwork, it’s a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces worldwide!


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    Emerald City Comics


    Sometimes you need to get off the beaten path to find a beautiful landscape to paint. Wake up early, hike deep into nature, and find your perfect spot. Some paintings sell for commissions, others you’ll keep for yourself, but you’re always going that extra mile to find inspiration.

    Over six days, players gain Renown by hiking to beautiful locations to paint landscapes, which they’ll later sell. Each day, players choose a Planning Card, which allows them to travel through the Wilderness and paint (i.e., pick up Landscape Cards). At day’s end, they can sell paintings to earn Renown (i.e., turn in Landscape Cards to gain Commission cards worth Renown). Players also earn Renown by completing Daily Goals and by possessing Landscape Paintings at game’s end.


    Free promo cards and Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe comic included! (While supplies last).

    The greatest heroes in the VALIANT UNIVERSE must team up to stop one of their own! NINJAK, MI-6's deadliest operative, has stolen an object of immense power and you must build up your power in order to survive against all the gadgets and threats he will throw at you while working towards your hidden agenda.

    It won't be easy... are you up for the challenge?

    Throughout the game, you will collect various tactics and artifacts that both make you more powerful so you can fight Ninjak while also earning you points towards your hidden agenda. The game ends after all of Ninjak's threats have been eliminated. You will need to work together with the other players to survive, but only the one who best completes their hidden objective will win the game.

    Warning: Contains violent images.


    Enter the Endless Pass, survive the never-ending horde of the Endless, and compete with other vikings to claim the title of Conqueror of the Pass!

    In Endless Pass, players fight the scaly Endless to gain glory. The pass is also filled with weapons and runes to aid in defeating Endless, while allowing you to heal yourself. Combined with your action cards like attack, defend, evade, steal, and hide, you have more ways to defeat, evade, or defend against the Endless. However, whatever Endless are not defeated continue to plague the other vikings as they walk the Pass! You may also battle the other vikings. After all, you are fighting for glory and a place in Valhalla.

    The last viking standing or the first to acquire ten glory, while surviving the turn, wins the game. If none of the players survive, then the player with most glory is declared the Conqueror in Valhalla.


    5 Minute Dungeon is a chaotic, co-­operative, real-­time card game in which players have only five minutes to escape the randomized dungeon. Communication and teamwork are critical to survival because there's no time to form a carefully considered plan — and no predicting what dangers lie ahead.

    In more detail, players assume the role of one of ten heroes, each with special cards and abilities. Once the five-minute timer starts, the race is on to defeat all the monsters inside the dungeon. In order to defeat a monster, players must match symbols from their hand with ones on the monster's card. At the end of each dungeon is a powerful dungeon boss — and after the first boss is defeated, the campaign continues to the second boss. Each boss, and each randomized dungeon, gets harder until players reach the fifth and final boss.


    There is a great buzz of excitement throughout the halls of Kajan, the School of Life, as the High Council has announced a Trial of Nature’s Grace! When a group of apprentices show sufficient promise, a Trial is called. Over a period of three days the apprentices racing through the realms attempting to earn renown in the minds of their teachers, but most importantly in the eyes of the fantastic creatures. Each student is given an Amulet, allowed the same three spells, and start their travels with an identical group of creatures who aid them with magical energy and fantastic abilities.

    The objective of Legendary Creatures is to win the trial and advance to the rank of Druid. Players do this with the aid of fantastic creatures who assist them in their quest for renown, whatever form it may take. An apprentice’s final rank in each elemental realm, renown earned through great feats, and expeditions to distant landmarks determines who becomes the next Druid!

    Legendary Creatures is played over three days, each of which consists of AM, Afternoon, and PM turns. Players draw 4 creatures from their individual decks, then play 3 into their stable and send one on a solo expedition. Order and types of creatures determine initiative and resource generation for the round. Players then take turns selecting the realm they'd like to travel in, the resources they generate, and the spells they cast. This is repeated each portion of the day with a final expedition at the end of the PM portion. Ultimate leadership in each realm and via their expeditions reward victory points to determine the winner.
    ... See MoreSee Less

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    Universal Studios Entertainment has released its final trailer for Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and it looks like a real nail-biter (even if that nail is a little long and lethal)!!!

    We can't wait for this next installment, but if you're also frustrated by the wait, your friends at EC can unearth lots of comics, books, games, toys, collectibles, and tchotchkes to keep you entertained!!!

    ENJOY!!!Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom In Theaters June 22, 2018 It’s been four years since theme park and luxury resort Jurassic World...
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    3 days ago

    Emerald City Comics

    EC Book Club: Monstress vol 1! is Wednesday, May 2nd in "The Hub" in the center of the store!

    The EC Book Club meets the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm to chat about the featured book.

    We usually begin each meeting with a "Comics 101" slideshow giving some historical, artistic, or social background on the book, and then we dive right into discussion! Here's the Comics 101 slideshow for our previous ECBC meeting for Tom King's BATMAN VOL 1: I AM GOTHAM!EC Book Club\ is Wednesday, May 2nd in "The Hub" in the center of the store!

    The EC Book Club meets the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm to chat about the featured book.

    We usually begin each meeting with a "Comics 101" slideshow giving some historical, artistic, or social background on the book, and then we dive right into discussion! Here's the Comics 101 slideshow for our previous ECBC meeting for Tom King's BATMAN VOL 1: I AM GOTHAM!
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    4 days ago

    Emerald City Comics

    DC Comics and Superman are celebrating the ONE THOUSANDTH ISSUE of Action Comics, which is on EC's New Comics wall starting tomorrow, April 18th at EC!!!

    We celebrated with free Superman stickers, a raffle for an 80 Years of Superman hardcover book, plus, all of the Action #1,000 variant covers... and of course, free pics and autographs from the Man of Steel himself!!!

    All Things Nerdy were also here, leading games in our Event Room!!!

    Thanks so much to everyone who came out to be part of our celebration!!! Thanks to you, we had a "SUPER" day!!!DC Comics and Superman are celebrating the ONE THOUSANDTH ISSUE of Action Comics, which is on EC's New Comics wall starting tomorrow, April 18th at EC!!!

    We celebrated with free Superman stickers, a raffle for an 80 Years of Superman hardcover book, plus, all of the Action #1,000 variant covers... and of course, free pics and autographs from the Man of Steel himself!!!

    All Things Nerdy were also here, leading games in our Event Room!!!

    Thanks so much to everyone who came out to be part of our celebration!!! Thanks to you, we had a "SUPER" day!!!
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    4 days ago

    Emerald City Comics

    ECBC: Comics recommendations by “Doctor Vince”! 4/17/18

    “Doctor Vince” is a rocket scientist by day, and an EC Book Club (ECBC) moderator by night! EC Book Club: Monstress vol 1! is the featured book at our next ECBC meeting.

    Here is the book that caught his attention in this month’s Previews (in addition to his usual pull list, and EC’s picks this month!). To ensure that you get this book when it arrives, please call the store at 727-398-2665 or email our Books & New Comics Merchant Frank at, to reserve a copy!

    From the Previews Catalog #355, April 2018 (for books arriving mainly in June 2018)…

    Valerian and Laureline - Shingouzlooz Inc. (page 369) - A new graphic novel starring those much beloved "agents spatio-temporel" — Valérian et Laureline. Before the dubious movie from 2017 came the amazing and charming comics adventures of two space/time agents at war both with the galactic empire which they serve and forces arrayed against it across the time-stream. Check it out! ($13.95)

    Preview page by Mathiue Laffray shows the influence of American artists, such as comics legend John Buscema, on his artwork
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    Holy safety tips!!!

    Fans of Adam West and his Batman 66 series have a lot to be excited about today!!! A new PSA from May of 1967 has found its way from Britain to the United States!!! It has never been seen before stateside, and features Batman teaching kids the proper way to cross the street, known as the Kerb Drill!!!

    The PSA is beautifully over-the-top as you would expect, but the highlight is the extremely long, (and excruciatingly awkward), pause in which Batman is holding a young boy, waiting for the director to yell, "cut"!

    Sadly, Mr. West passed away last June, but as this clip proves, he was a great talent who can bring joy by merely standing still!!!

    If you're looking for Batman '66 items, your friends at EC have a Batcave full of books, comics, games, toys, collectibles and tchotchkes, waiting for you at our same Bat-Time, same Bat Channel!!!

    Just be careful as you cross the street to get here!!! ENJOY, citizens!!!
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    5 days ago

    Emerald City Comics

    Celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics with an all-star lineup of top talent as they pay tribute to the comic that started it all! From today's explosive action to a previously unpublished tale illustrated by the legendary Curt Swan to the Man of Tomorrow's future — this very special, oversized issue presents the best of the best in Superman stories!

    Featuring all-new art and stories by a ton of great artists and writers — including the first DC Comics story from Marvel Comics superstar BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS!

    In addition to the regular cover by fan-favorite JIM LEE, Action Comics #1000 will also feature these decades-spanning variant covers:

    STEVE RUDE (1930s)
    MICHAEL CHO (1940s)
    DAVE GIBBONS (1950s)
    MICHAEL ALLRED (1960s)
    JIM STERANKO (1970s)
    DAN JURGENS (1990s)
    LEE BERMEJO (2000s)

    This comic will be available on Wednesday, April 18th at 11am, while supplies last!

    * PLEASE NOTE: To ensure we are offering these comics to as many Guests as possible, all Guests will be limited to one copy of each cover. Thank you for your understanding!
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    5 days ago

    Emerald City Comics
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    1 week ago

    Emerald City Comics
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    1 week ago

    Emerald City Comics


    This is a Kickstarter game that will only be avaliable while supplies last

    Make your rat clan the most powerful gang of the sewer!

    In Ratland, each player controls a rat clan and they will try to turn them into the most crowded one. To achieve such a task, you´ll have to outwit your opponents to get the most possible food you can, even if you have to snatch it from your neighbors! But beware, they will try to do the same to you.

    Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

    Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War is a cooperative dice and card game for 2-4 players.

    In the game, players recruit heroes and assemble a team to face off against Thanos and his villainous forces in an effort to thwart him from accomplishing his master plan: Collecting all six Infinity Stones to power the Infinity Gauntlet and wreak havoc on the very fabric of reality. Building upon the strengths of the characters on their team, as well as other players, winning requires critical thinking and communication to reach a common goal.


    It's Halloween — time to haunt poor unfortunate humans who think the holiday is all fun and games, but wait until you unleash ghosts upon this little town. Use your knowledge and wit to summon ghosts, move them around town, scare people, and even fight other ghosts because only one demon lord can boast of being the scariest demon lord of them all.

    Halloween is a tactical game for 2 to 4 players in which you take on the role of a demon lord that controls the many ghosts on the board. Carefully plan your actions through a unique mechanism that allows you to manage multiple ghosts to try to outwit your opponents. Summon ghosts, move them round the board, fight other ghosts, or use one of the numerous action cards that can give you great tactical advantage.

    Black Souls

    Designer Inc's latest video game title Black Souls has achieved international success! Hailed as one of the toughest digital games ever, it has attracted millions of hardcore gamers. The secret behind this huge success lies not in just making an extremely difficult game. Anyone can do that. The true challenge lies in balancing it to be as difficult as possible, but still fair enough that the very best players can survive to the end. Alas, the game studio is heavily short staffed and the management is looking to hire one more Game Designer for developing more content in Black Souls.

    You have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be hired by Designer Inc as a level designer, an integral part of Black Souls' development team! As one of the finalist candidates, you must prove your designing skills under the judging eyes of your future employers in an 'Early Beta Access' trial to create a level that best reflects the spirit of Black Souls - a very difficult, yet fair game. A group of seasoned playtesters will be sent to try out your carefully designed level, and provide feedback on whether they like or dislike it at the end of the run. If the level is too easy, they would not feel challenged at all. If it is too hard, they would all be killed and find it unfair. Who will be the final candidate to be inducted into the ranks of Designer Inc?

    This is a uniquely themed game - A game about designing a game!

    Monopoly Gamer (Standard and Collectors Edition)

    It's the Monopoly game with a Nintendo twist as it joins forces with beloved Nintendo video game characters. Instead of standard Monopoly tokens, the game features Super Mario characters, each with their own special powers within gameplay. Play as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong. Finish the game by defeating Bowser at the end! It's not just about money in this game; players earn points by buying Properties, collecting Coins, and beating Bosses. The player with the highest score wins the game.

    Features Nintendo's Super Mario characters
    Coins replace Monopoly money
    Power-up die activates special abilities
    Battle legendary Bosses
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    Disney Pixar has just released their latest trailer for The Incredibles II, and it looks like it is going to be more than worth the wait!!!

    The humor and action both really shine in this preview, and we can't wait for it to charge its way into theaters on June 15th!!!

    While you're waiting, be sure to stop by and see your friends at EC for lots of Disney and superhero books, comics, games, toys, collectibles, tchotchkes and more!!!

    ENJOY!!!Incredibles 2 Official Trailer #3 (2018) Disney Pixar Animated Movie HD Subscribe for more official Trailers, TV Spots, Movie Clips, Featurettes and exclusiv...
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    1 week ago

    Emerald City Comics

    Marvel's newest series "Venomized" brings back your favorite symbiote as he and "Venomized" versions of your favorite heroes burst into action, and EC was there to celebrate the launch with Venom and Spidey himself!!!

    We gave out TWO free Venom comics, featuring Spider-Man, as well as some Venomized promos, a cool Funko raffel featuring the Spidey Marvel Collector Corps box, and of course, our friends form All Things Nerdy were here, along with Venom and Spidey for free pics and autographs!!!

    It was also a "warm up" day for Free Comic Book Day, which will be here at EC on Sat., May 5th, so we were able to give away lots of extra free comics!!!

    Thanks so much to everyone who "swung by" to see us!!!Marvel's newest series "Venomized" brings back your favorite symbiote as he and "Venomized" versions of your favorite heroes burst into action, and EC was there to celebrate the launch with Venom and Spidey himself!!!

    We gave out TWO free Venom comics, featuring Spider-Man, as well as some Venomized promos, a cool Funko raffel featuring the Spidey Marvel Collector Corps box, and of course, our friends form All Things Nerdy were here, along with Venom and Spidey for free pics and autographs!!!

    It was also a "warm up" day for Free Comic Book Day, which will be here at EC on Sat., May 5th, so we were able to give away lots of extra free comics!!!

    Thanks so much to everyone who "swung by" to see us!!!
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    1 week ago

    Emerald City Comics

    Here are the comics and graphic novels that caught our attention in this month’s Previews!

    To ensure that you get these books when they arrive, please call the store at 727-398-2665, or email our Books & New Comics Merchant at, to reserve a copy!

    From the Previews Catalog #355, APRIL 2018 (for books arriving mainly in JUNE 2018)…

    (W) Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham (A/CA) Mark Buckingham
    These dark and imaginative tales feature an odd and subtly linked world of bizarre venereal diseases, a creepy old woman who feasts on raw meat, a man obsessed with a skin model from a magazine, and a story within a story about ghosts.
    From Hugo, Eisner, Newbery, Harvey, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning author Neil Gaiman and his longtime, Eisner award-winning collaborator Mark Buckingham (Fables) comes a graphic novel not to be missed!

    (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Joe Prado, Ivan Reis (CA) Miguelanxo Prado, Ivan Reis
    The highly anticipated six-issue weekly miniseries begins under the guiding hand of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis!!!
    A new era begins for Superman as a threat from his earliest origins reemerges to destroy the Last Son of Krypton. As Superman struggles to come to grips with what has happened to his wife and son, he must also face a new threat that's determined to burn down Metropolis!

    (W) Steve Orlando (A) Ryan Sook, Cary Nord (CA) Ryan Sook
    In the aftermath of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, the DC Universe has been forever changed as new heroes are called out of the shadows. Amid this all is Janet Fals...Firebrand! Once a paramedic dedicated to saving lives, she must now start a fight once every 24 hours to feed the Conflict Engine that's replaced her heart. But Janet's heart isn't just a curse-it's a beacon, drawing out both the mysterious Neon the Unknown and the seductive, malevolent Bad Samaritan. One of them wants to cut out her heart, the other wants to save it-but neither of them knows the true danger hidden within that will kick off a superhero manhunt ranging from Thanagar to the deepest heart of the Dark Multiverse!

    (W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Kevin O'Neill
    After an epic twenty-year journey through the entirety of human culture, Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill conclude both their legendary League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and their equally legendary comic-book careers with the series' spectacular fourth and final volume, "The Tempest." This six-issue miniseries is a celebration of everything comics were, are and could be. Opening simultaneously in the panic-stricken headquarters of British Military Intelligence, the fabled Ayesha's lost African city of Kor and the domed citadel of 'We' on the devastated Earth of the year 2996, the dense and yet furiously-paced narrative hurtles like an express locomotive across the fictional globe. This is literally, and literarily, the story to end all stories. Here's how it begins. This is literally, and literarily, the story to end all stories. Here's how it begins.

    (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Olivier Coipel
    We live in a world where we've never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds. Magic meets the mob in THE MAGIC ORDER, as five families of magicians-sworn to protect our world for generations-must battle an enemy who's picking them off one by one. By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night, they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness...unless the darkness gets them first. MARK MILLAR's first NETFLIX comic book, drawn by the incredible OLIVIER COIPEL (Amazing Spider-Man, Thor).

    THOR #1
    (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Michael Del Mundo
    Thor Odinson has regained his mantle - and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost of hundreds of new hammers! And the Thunder God is going to need every last one of them if he's going to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut. Jason Aaron takes the Prince of Asgard in a whole new direction with YOUNG GUN artist Mike Del Mundo joining him at the helm! And don't miss the latest chapter of the King Thor saga with acclaimed BLACK BOLT artist Christian Ward, as the Thor of the far future encounters an old friend who's undergone some startling changes.

    SENTRY #1
    (W) Jeff Lemire (A) Aaron Kim Jacinto (CA) Bryan Hitch
    ...but is that really such a good thing?
    The greatest hero that the Marvel Universe ever forgot has returned! The Sentry - shining sentinel with the power of a thousand exploding suns - is back from the dead, but his troubled mind is far from finding peace. By day, he trudges through a mundane life as Bob Reynolds; at night, the Sentry soars across a gleaming, perfect skyline. But how much of the Sentry's dual existence is real? And what of his dark other self, the Void?
    Jeff Lemire (MOON KNIGHT, Black Hammer) returns to Marvel and unites with Kim Jacinto (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) for this mind-bending series that will shake the Sentry, and the Marvel Universe, to its foundations.

    BY NIGHT #1
    (W) John Allison (A/CA) Christine Larsen
    �Eisner-Award winning author John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time) join forces for a story about coming home, discovering identity, and accidently smashing a hole to another dimension.
    Aspiring documentarian (and actual Chemistry major) Jane has recently reunited with her former best friend Heather, amateur urban explorer. When a trip into an abandoned industrial building leads them to another world, their plan begins to unfold.create a documentary about the world and become filthy, filthy rich. The other side of the portal is filled with monsters, magic and a chance for a whole new life. All they have to do is step through�...
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics


    Join us at EC THIS SATURDAY for our Action Comics #1,000 Celebration With Superman at EC! event, where we'll have FREE Superman STICKERS at 11am!!!

    Plus, MEET SUPERMAN, LIVE & IN-PERSON for FREE PICS & AUTOGRAPHS from 11am-1pm & 3-5pm!! (Local cosplay actor)

    AND, ALL GUESTS, ALL DAY can enter our FREE, ALL-DAY RAFFLE for a chance to win* the SUPERMAN CELEBRATION HARDCOVER and ALL EIGHT ACTION #1,000 VARIANTS from DC Comics!!!

    This Saturday ONLY, and ONLY at EC!!!
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics


    Disney/ Star Wars's latest, Solo: A Star Wars Story has finally gotten a new trailer, and it looks like they're pulling out all the stops!!!

    Have you got a bad feeling about this... or a good feeling?

    We'll all find out when the movie releases on May 25th!!

    In the meantime, your friends at EC have a galaxy-wide selection of Star Wars comics, books, games, toys, tchocthckes and collectibles just waiting for you to discover them!!!

    May the Force be with you!!! Enjoy!!!Watch the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and see it in theaters May 25. Visit Star Wars at Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube...
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics


    Join us for our Venom Vs. Spider-Man Day and FCBD Warm-Up at EC! event, starting at 11am with TWO FREE Spider-Man and Venom comics from Marvel, plus a Marvel PREVIEWSworld magazine!!!

    Plus, it's our WARM-UP to Free Comic Book Day, where you can choose THREE FREE FORMER FCBD COMICS!!!


    MEET VENOM & SPIDEY for FREE PICS & AUTOGRAPHS from 11am - 1pm and 3-5pm!!!

    PLUS, enter our FREE, ALL-DAY RAFFLE for a Venom Graphic Novel and a SPIDEY Marvel Collector Corps box form Funko!!!

    That's Saturday ONLY, and ONLY at Emerald City Comics!!!
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics

    We're all ready for our "PRE-Free Comic Book Day" tomorrow, Saturday April 7th at 11am!!!

    Every Guest can choose THREE FREE COMICS from this selection in our Events Room!

    Read more about the event here:
    Venom Vs. Spider-Man Day and FCBD Warm-Up at EC!We're all ready for our "PRE-Free Comic Book Day" tomorrow, Saturday April 7th at 11am!!!

    Every Guest can choose THREE FREE COMICS from this selection in our Events Room!

    Read more about the event here:
    Venom Vs. Spider-Man Day and FCBD Warm-Up at EC!
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    2 weeks ago

    Emerald City Comics


    Five years after the events of Cavern Tavern, where a fragile peace was brokered between The Five Realms, the High Queen Tabita Orestes has ordered a new city to be built. The city of Caveborn will be the capital of the Five Realms, a place where all the races will learn to live together in harmony, with the main purpose being to bring them closer and prevent another war.

    The Queen needs to keep the alliance between the races and ensure that Caveborn is peaceful and prosperous. To that end, a Settlers Council has been formed with Berk the Town Clerk as its chairman — but Berk is getting old and needs a successor. Are you that person?

    Rise to Nobility is a worker (dice) placement game set in the same fantasy world as Cavern Tavern. You each own a small piece of land in the newly built city, and your job is to rise from anonymity, make your way to the title of lord, and take over the head seat at the Stone Council.

    You can achieve this by upgrading your land and increasing its value, satisfying the demands of the settlers' council, attracting and housing as many settlers as you can, accommodating their needs, finding them jobs, and helping them develop from apprentices to guild masters, thus insuring you have people in high places all around the city of Caveborn.


    You are a key player in the lucrative but dangerous business of collecting werebeasts. Armed with only your good looks and several cans of indescribably tasty werechow, you must bid for the werebeasts you need — and also for the ones you don't in hopes of throwing your opponents off track.

    Your fellow collectors in Werebeasts are also collecting certain creatures that have the most value to them. If you can hide your intentions long enough, you'll be rewarded. If you can make it to the end of the game without getting caught, you just might win.


    The famous pirate Blackbeard has summoned you to his deathbed and entrusts you with his dearest secret: the location of his hidden treasure! But the old rascal played one last trick on you by also revealing the location to every renowned pirate on the seven seas. The race is on, but in order to reach the treasure, you need a ship, sturdy and fast — except everyone has had the same idea and the battle is already raging in the harbor before the ships have even been completed!

    Figure out how to finish your ship first in Sabordage, and you'll be on your way to treasure!


    A Wrinkle In Time: Daring Adventure Game is a cooperative dice game that captures the journey of the 2018 theatrical adaptation of the Madeline L'Engle novel.

    In the game, players take on the role of the story's main characters — Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin — and work together to solve mathematical puzzles, decode secret messages, and tesser to new locations to rescue Mr. Murry and get home. The engineering of a hexaflexagon is behind the "Flex Enfolders", which when used in conjunction with dice rolls must sum up to progress through five movie-based locations, or levels.

    A coding portion of each round relies on players' abilities to communicate and lay out an "operation chain" that aims to generate a successful result, after which they will use the color filtration of Mrs. Who's "Quizzing Glasses" to reveal Mr. Murry's hidden whereabouts.


    Strange and terrible things have begun happening in Hawkins, Indiana… better huddle down and break out a nice board game with your pals!

    -Monopoly game with a Stranger Things theme
    -Features 80s-inspired tokens and tokens “ripped from the Upside Down”
    -Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards as Community Chest and Chance cards
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