EC in-store comics subscription service!

  • It’s FREE. You pay only for the merchandise as you pick it up.
  • Just let us know which comic book titles and graphic novels you would like, and we will hold them for you when they arrive. Please subscribe to at least three monthly titles. You can see the most recent catalog of upcoming releases here.
  • Please pick up any items on hold for you within a month of their arrival. Delinquent subscription files will be suspended, and the books will be returned to stock.
  • We will gladly try to keep you informed about upcoming comics and merchandise, but we also recommend Previews, our distributor’s monthly catalog. You can use this catalog every month to order items that are not already on your subscription file.
  • If you order an item (or multiple copies of the same item) that costs $75 or more, please leave a 50% deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable unless the item is canceled by the manufacturer or distributor.
Please subscribe to at least three monthly titles (use a separate line for each title). Specify each title fully, such as "Batman," "Detective Comics," "Superman," "Action Comics," "Amazing Spider-Man," "Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man," etc. Feel free to add any one-shots or miniseries, too.