Wednesday, February 21st from 11am to 9pm

“Sparkle Kitty” is a fun, social game, full of magical spells, and appropriate for players of all ages!!! You’ll get caught up in Sparkle Kitty’s spell, as you create magical spells to free yourself from the tower that Dark Forces have trapped you in!!! Let your inner princess break loose and take control over evil!!!

On Wednesday, Feb. 21st, ALL GUESTS, ALL DAY can enter our FREE, ALL-DAY RAFFLE for a chance to win* a FREE “SPARKLE KITTY” CARD GAME!!!
(Ages 6+; 3-8 players, 15+ mins. playtime!)

* Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by the phone number/email given on the entry ballot. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER! All winners must collect their prize(s) within 2 weeks of the drawing date. (EC reserves the right to alter/substitute give-aways and raffle prizes when unexpected circumstances occur. One entry per person, please. All entries must be printed legibly to be considered eligible.)

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