Wednesday, April 18th from 11am to 8pm

Cat-lovers rejoice!!! There is yet another cat-based card game that’s just as much fun as our real feline friends!!! Slap Cat is a fast-paced game of cards where you, as a mad scientist, set out to create the most adorable cat ever!!! Your helped with such can’t-miss accessories as fedoras, balls of yarn and more!!! You gain cards by slapping them, but if you move too slow, you may be left with nothing but fish bones!!!

On Wednesday, April 18th, ALL GUESTS, ALL DAY can enter our FREE, ALL-DAY RAFFLE for a chance to win* a FREE SLAP CAT CARD GAME from IDW!!!
(2018; 2-6 players, 15-20 mins. Play time, ages 8+)

The winner will be called on Thursday, April 19th!

* Winners do not need to be present to win and will be notified by the phone number/email given on the entry ballot. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER! All winners must collect their prize(s) within 2 weeks of the drawing date. (EC reserves the right to alter/substitute give-aways and raffle prizes when unexpected circumstances occur. One entry per person, please. All entries must be printed legibly to be considered eligible.)

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