Saturday, March 27th from 11am to 3pm

Meet the creators from new Second Sight Publishing titles: SPIKE JARRELL, ALFRED PAIGE, and ARON POHARA!

Larry Spike Jarrell (comic book creator/writer/artist) has been in the comics industry for 30+ years and has created Stars End, Lady Freedom, and The Nunnery. Additionally Larry has contributed to two books for Caliber Comics. He will be offering commissions and free autographs on copies of Lady Freedom and Stars End. He will also have some copies of exclusives that were offered for preorders.

(W) Arthur Bellfield (A/CA) Spike Jarrell
Introduction to the concept of the Superverse and the first appearance of Lady Fredom, Scarlet, Camille and Black Valkyrie. Lady Freedom is Natalie Cloudrider a Native American US Army Sergeant that volunteers for the Freedom Fighter Program. We join the story sometime after she has donned the uniform and is about to take on her first major challenge-taking down the villainous Black Valkyrie.


Like many others Alfred Paige fell in love with comic books in the early 90s, being a fan of the X-Men story “Mutant Genesis” and the boom of Image Comics. Alfred wanted to create and write his own comic books that reminded him of the comics that he fell in love with. Being the creator of C.H.E.S.S. and Blowtorch, he follows those comic book styles that inspired him!

(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A/CA) JC Fabul
Missions by no rules… Second Sight comics introduces you to C.H.E.S.S. When hard decisions need to be made Avery Davis makes them. By putting together a under the radar Strike Team to take on missions that need a personal touch. Avery sends the C.H.E.S.S. Team to investigate business man Nakadi after hearing about his crooked actions from a inside source.

(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A) Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller (CA) Rick Tyndall
From the pages of C.H.E.S.S., Blowtorch takes a personal mission to save the woman he was once in love with – and maybe still is – from a out-of-control government experiment.

Alfred Paige will have exclusive limited edition variants of CHESS #1 and BLOWTORCH #1 at the signing! Get ’em before they’re gone – and get ’em SIGNED!!!



Aron Pohara is from Croatia. He is a long time comic book and anime/manga fan, and has been writing short stories for some time. Some of his interviews and reviews have been published on various websites, and BOOK OF LYAXIA is his first published work, first previewed in Antarctic Press’s MANGAZINE VOL 4 #1. Pohara says, “BOOK OF LYAXIA has been 10 years in the making … and I want people to enjoy this crazy take on mythology that I have!”

(W) Aron Pohara (A) Andi Baquerizo
Welcome to the world of Nexus. World of gods from different mythologies! Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Roman gods living together! Join Chronos Deimos and Chronos two twin royal brothers, while they try to find where they belong on this realm! What their destiny is! In the first issue a coup in capital of the gods (Titaan) a coup against twins is underway and a mysterious figure comes onto the scene that is attempting to guide one of the twins toward his destiny!

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