Pick-A-Prize Raffle!

Saturday, July 1st from 11am to 3pm

We love to give things away at EC through our Wednesday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday Give-Away & Raffle events, and our recent “Pick-A-Pop! Raffle” was SO successful, that we decided you deserve another chance to pick your own raffle items … AND get them before you leave the store!!!

Join us on Sat., July 1st, when the FIRST 100 GUESTS at 11am will receive a FREE RAFFLE TICKET!!!

We will give out a FRESH RAFFLE TICKET AGAIN at 10 minutes before the hour, for 3 additional hours!!! (1 ticket will be given to each Guest in the store at 11am, 12:50pm, 1:50pm, and 2:50pm!!!)

At the top of the hour (12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm) the raffle numbers will be called, and the winner can CHOOSE THEIR PRIZE from the RAFFLE TABLE placed in the center Hub of the store!

THERE WILL BE 10 WINNERS FOR EACH RAFFLE… and one of them could be YOU!!!

Each Raffle table will contain a mixture of COMICS, BOOKS, GAMES, TOYS and TCHOTCHKE ITEMS!!! A FUNKO OR LOOT CRATE BOX will be the FEATURE ITEM for EACH HOUR!!!

12pm – Choose the Funko “FESTIVAL OF FRIENDS” Disney TREASURES BOX feat. Dumbo, or one of 9 other prizes!!!

1 pm – Choose the “ANTI-HERO” Loot Crate feat. Harley Quinn, or one of 9 other prizes!!!

2pm – Choose the “Star Wars REBELS” SMUGGLERS BOUNTY BOX from Funko, or one of 9 other prizes!!!

3pm – Choose the “MASTERS OF THE MIC” WWE Slam Crate from Loot Crate and WWE Network, or one of 9 other prizes!!!

Other prizes will include Funko items, coloring books, games, toys, collectibles and tchotchke items, and trust us, there will be lots of cool items to choose from!!!

(Numbers will be called at or near the top of the hours listed above, and will be called three times before choosing another number. Winners must be present and report to the Hub table when their number is called.)


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