“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 8/25/17

Just imagine: if Batman aged in real time, that fool would be almost eighty years old!
Batman would be fighting crime in a wheelchair.

Actually he’d probably be one of those Jack LaLanne types who’s spry well into the golden years.
Batman would be a silver fox for sure….


Batman #10, early Catwoman appearance, Good Minus (1.8) condition, $350.


Batman #85, Joker appearance, Good Plus (2.5) condition, $100.


Incredible Hulk #2, first Green Skinned Hulk, Good Minus (1.8) condition, $600.


Fantastic Four #1, first appearance of the Fantastic Four, Fair/Good (1.5) condition, $2,000.


Reed Richards … there’s another silver fox right there.
Different sort of sexy than Batman, more of an intellectual attractiveness.
Reed Richards has that salt and pepper hair where its goes grey at the temples first.
I’m trying to get that player.


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