“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 7/5/17

Dave told me a story awhile back that I’d like to share:

Apparently back when he was in high school, he and a few buddies bought an old school bus and used it as a mobile barbershop.
These guys, they drove around soliciting people on the streets; offering to bring them on the school bus and give them a haircut for a few bucks.

No business license, no experience as barbers, no nothing; just a bus and a dream.
Their fledgling enterprise did not prove to be a success.

None of this has anything to do with comics, just an awesome story I thought you might enjoy as much as I did … so enjoy…


Amazing Spider-Man #39, Identity of Green Goblin revealed, Fine Plus (6.5) condition, $150.


Uncanny X-Men #221, first appearance of Mr. Sinister, signed by Marc Silvestri, Very Fine (8.0) condition, $30.


Moon Knight #1, Very Fine (8.0) condition, $20.


Deadpool #11, Very Fine Minus (7.5) condition, $15.


Man, my hair could use a trim, but I won’t get out of work until nine tonight and all of the barbershops will be closed by then.

If only there were a group of intrepid young entrepreneurs who could show up at the store in a large vehicle — let’s just say a SCHOOL BUS — and offer to cut my hair for an affordable price … if only….


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