“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 6/28/17

I believe that all collectors of neat stuff find themselves in the following conundrum from time to time.

As collectors we often find ourselves in search of particular items of the sought-after variety.

Said items often vary in price based on any number of factors and when we’re talking about comic books condition is a big factor in determining value.

When it comes to condition I’m a mid-grade man myself, particularly when it’s a pricey key issue that I’m after.

Hey folks, if money’s no object for you then by all means go for that Gem Mint copy of Hulk #181, I ain’t mad at ya’, but if you’re ballin’ on a budget like ol’ Uncle Justin then sometimes you’ve got to settle for a copy that’s seen a little love.

Here are a few of our books that might be a little rough around the edges but still have a lot of life left in ’em.


Amazing Spider-Man #298, first Todd McFarlane Spider-Man, Venom cameo appearance, Fine (6.0) condition, $20.

Amazing Spider-Man #299, Venom cameo, Fine (6.0) condition, $25.

Detective Comics #583, first appearance of The Ventriloquist, Very Fine (8.0) condition, $18.

And just to maintain a sense of egalitarianism here’s one for the big spenders.

Dark Knight Returns #1-4, full Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) first print set, $200.

Five figure books on down to one dollar books, that’s what we have for you here at EC.

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