“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 6/29/18

Silver Surfer isn’t very laid back.

He broods a lot more than most surfers.

I guess selecting planets to be consumed by a giant purple dude with square pupils will do things to man’s mental well being.

Where’s your chill at Surfer?
You need to quit that bummer job and just kick back and hang ten brah!


Silver Surfer #1, CGC 8.5 (Very Fine Plus), $1,200.



Uncanny X-Men #266, first appearance of Gambit, Fine Plus (6.5), $80.



Raphael #1, first appearance of Casey Jones, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $75.



Detective Comics #850, first Gotham City Sirens, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $35.


Where’s your chill at Galactus?
You need to go vegan and only eat vegetable planets, you might lose a little weight.

How about getting a little exercise and scouting out your own planets instead of making Surfer do all your leg work?

Lookin’ a little flabby Galactus! Do you even lift bruh?


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