“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 6/21/19

Hulk versus Phoenix versus Deathstroke versus Bane. BATTLE ROYALE!

Not a what if! Not an imaginary story!

Phoenix wins of course, but only after Hulk is disqualified for eating Deathstroke and Bane.


Incredible Hulk #102, first issue of the ongoing Hulk series, Fine (6.0), $175.


X-Men #101, first appearance of Phoenix, Very Good (4.0), $125.



New Teen Titans #2, first appearance of Deathstroke, Very Good (4.0), $100.



Batman: Vengeance Of Bane #1, first appearance of Bane, Very Fine (8.0), $50.


In case you’re wondering if Deathstroke defeated Bane or vice versa before Hulk ate them, the answer is no.

Deathstroke and Bane, feeling as though they were over-matched, decided to form an uneasy alliance in an attempt to defeat the other two clearly more powerful combatants.

And then Hulk ate them and was disqualified.


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