“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 5/4/17

Just in case you didn’t catch our social media posts highlighting this particularly sexy batch of Silver Age Marvels, take a quick look at these bad boyz!


Journey Into Mystery #83, first appearance of Thor, Good Plus (2.5) condition, $2,250


Incredible Hulk #181, first appearance of Wolverine, Very Good (4.0) condition, $650


Fantastic Four #4, first Silver Age appearance of Sub-Mariner, Very Good Minus (3.5) condition, $600


Fantastic Four #12, first Hulk versus Thing battle, Very Good Minus (3.5) condition, $450


See? Pretty sexy batch of bad boyz there, eh?

How awesome would it be if I started referring to all of our key issues as “bad boyz”?

“Excuse me, shop-keep. Would you happen to have a copy of Hulk one-eighty-one in stock?”
“Terribly sorry sir, but I’m afraid we’re fresh out of that bad boy.”

“Shop-keep? Would you mind if I had a look at those copies of Amazing Spider-Man number one-twenty-nine, please?”
“Why certainly sir! Let me just go ahead and grab those bad boyz for you.”


(Please note: the digital images above are only for identification purposes, and are not the actual comics for sale. Please call us at 727-398-2665 with any questions about the comics.)

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