“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 5/29/20


I know I featured a first appearance of Venom the week before last but what can I say?

I’m in a Venom kind of mood these days, I guess?

Besides, if Venom comics didn’t sell so well, then I wouldn’t feature them so often.

So, if you’re tired of me featuring Venom comics, then I guess my best advice to you would be to stop buying Venom comics.

OH WAIT! Don’t do that!

Keep buying Venom comics!

Specifically keep buying Venom comics from us.

Only buy Venom comics from us!

What If Venom Possessed Deadpool One Shot, Classic Skottie Young cover, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $250.


Venom vs. Carnage #1-4, first appearance of Toxin, Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) set, $150.




Amazing Spider-Man #568-573, New Ways To Die Portrait Covers set, first appearance of Anti-Venom, Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) set, $100.




Venom: Along Came A Spider #1-4, first appearance of Hybrid, Very Fine Plus (8.5) set, $50.


Honk if you can’t wait to see some sweet symbiote versus symbiote action in the Venom movie sequel!

If you don’t happen to be reading this while in your car just yell “HONK” as loud as you can.

If you do happen to being reading this while in your car, make sure that you aren’t driving while reading this.

If you do happen to be reading this while you’re driving … probably stop doing that.

Until we meet again, dear reader, stay healthy, stay safe, don’t read while driving.


(Please note that the digital samples shown are for clear image references only, and are NOT the actual books being offered for sale. Please call us at 727-398-2665 for condition, availability, or any other questions about the books!)

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