“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 5/1/20

A back-to-back Jabber!  (we’ve lost track of time without Guests in the store, so we forgot to post the last one earlier)

The Mask!

Remember him?
Jim Carrey hamming it up in a yellow zoot suit?

Yeah well, the comic is … significantly … more violent than the film.

In fact, the cover art is probably too gnarly to have posted all over our website, so this is me letting everybody know that we have it.

It’s a cool book, kind of rare, you should probably buy it from us; but if you want to see the cover you’re going to have to Google it.

Mayhem #1, first appearance of Stanley Ipkiss as The Mask, Very Fine Plus (8.5), $50.

And now four comics that I can actually show you pictures of…


Marvel Spotlight #28, first solo Moon Knight story, CGC 9.0 (Very Fine/Near Mint), $200.


Astonishing Tales #25, first appearance of Deathlok, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $100.



Hulk #1 Dynamic Forces Exclusive variant, first appearance of Red Hulk, Near Mint Minus (9.2), $50.



Hack Slash #1, first appearance of Cassie Hack and Vlad, Very Fine (8.0), $35.


It’s looking like we’re going to be able to open our doors back up to all of you lovely, LOVELY people on Monday 5/4/20, so make sure to keep an eye on our social media as well as this very website for more information as we have it.

Stay safe, stay clean, don’t cough in public, don’t hoard any products besides comic books!


(Please note that the digital samples shown are for clear image references only, and are NOT the actual books being offered for sale. Please call us at 727-398-2665 for condition, availability, or any other questions about the books!)

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