“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 4/30/20


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Do a little safe, non-contact shopping with us on those inter-nets that all the kids are talking about.

As far as this post’s Jabber books are concerned: how’s about some story sets?

Haven’t done that in awhile!

Why buy one comic when you can buy many comics, right?


Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill #1-6, Very Fine Plus (8.5) set, $50.


Legion Of Monsters: Morbius, Man-Thing, Satana, & Werewolf By Night One-Shots, Very Fine Plus (8.5) set, $30.



Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Raising Cain #1-3, Very Fine Plus (8.5) set, $15.



Jay & Silent Bob #1-4, Very Fine Plus set, $15.

Nothing like sitting down doing a little reading when your being encouraged to stay at home for prolonged periods of time!

Stay safe, stay clean, don’t cough in public, don’t hoard any products besides comic books!


(Please note that the digital samples shown are for clear image references only, and are NOT the actual books being offered for sale. Please call us at 727-398-2665 for condition, availability, or any other questions about the books!)

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