“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 3/5/21

Two-Face doesn’t really have two faces.

He has one partially scarred face.


I guess Partially Scarred Faceman doesn’t have the same ring to it as Two-Face.


I think I prefer Partially Scarred Faceman though.

It’s both more accurate and more fun to say.

Not as succinct as Two-Face, but I think I still prefer Partially Scarred Faceman.


Detective Comics #66, first appearance of Two-Face (aka Partially Scarred Faceman), CGC 4.0 (Very Good), $8,999.


Batman #164, first yellow emblem on the Batsuit, CGC 9.0 (Very Fine/Near Mint), $549.



Detective Comics #369, fourth appearance of Batgirl, CBCS 8.5 (Very Fine Plus), $399.



Blackhawk #117, first appearance of the prototype Mr. Freeze, CGC 5.5 (Fine Minus), $1,299.

It’s not really Mr. Freeze – not the Victor Fries version of Mr. Freeze.

This one is the original Mr. Freeze.

OG Mr. Freeze comin’ through! STEP ASIDE!!!


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