“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 3/17/21

Got a few Modern Age keys this week including one issue featuring a character that I didn’t even know existed until I priced her first appearance.


Had any of you ever heard of Vampire By Night before now?


If the answer is yes, then that’s a big hats off to you because you, my friend, have a truly encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe.


Batman Beyond #1, first comic appearance of Terry McGinnis, Very Fine Plus (8.5), $599.


Sentry #1 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Variant, first appearance of The Sentry, Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0), $149.



Captain Marvel #1, Monica Rambeau’s first solo title, Very Fine (8.0), $49.



Amazing Fantasy #10, first appearance of Vampire By Night, Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0), $49.


Vampire By Night is actually Werewolf By Night’s (aka Jack Russell aka most hilarious secret identity name ever) niece.

Not sure why a werewolf would have a relative who was a vampire.

That sort of stuff has been perplexing to me ever since I used to watch Munsters reruns as a kid.

When Eddie Munster appeared on The Simpsons, Apu asked him about it but he couldn’t get a straight answer out of him.

Mystery for the ages I guess….


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