“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 3/15/19

Mr. Freeze, or as I prefer to call him Senor Congelar, was originally called Mr. Zero, or Senor Cero, when he first appeared in Batman #121 way back in 1959.

He switched to Mr. Freeze after DC Comics got caught up in a lengthy legal battle with the Hollywood Brands candy company back in 1962 when it was discovered that the name Mr. Zero had been trademarked all the way back in 1937 by Hollywood Brands for use in the promotion of their popular (at the time) Zero brand candy bar, specifically in the context of the beloved (at the time) advertising mascot Mr. Zero who encouraged consumers to “Be a Zero! Eat a Zero bar!” – to quote his hilarious (at the time) catchphrase.

I’m not here to sell you funny books folks! I’m here to teach you a thing or two!


Batman #121, first appearance of Mr. Zero or later Mr. Freeze, CGC graded 3.5 (Very Good Minus), $1,999.



Batman #635, first Jason Todd as Red Hood, Very Good Plus (8.5), $100.


Deadpool #19, first appearance of Hit-Monkey, Near Mint Minus (9.2), $35.


Hulk #15, first appearance of Red She-Hulk, Very Fine Plus (8.5), $35.


I’ve always found it a bit odd that Mr. Freeze stuck with the significantly less prestigious “Mister” moniker, even after he was revealed to be a doctor when Paul Dini rewrote his origin story in the Batman Animated Series.

The man’s a doctor, Batman!

Batman doesn’t even have any honorary degrees … well, not in the Post-Crisis continuity anyways.
Pre-Crisis he had two honorary degrees: one in Paleontology and one Women’s Studies.

Everything in this week’s Jabber is one hundred percent accurate … honest….


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