“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 3/13/20

I didn’t watch Lost, but please don’t “@” me about not having watched the show; maybe I will one day but I haven’t yet, OKAY?!

Apparently there were a few unresolved plot threads in Lost, including whether or not the numbers on the cover of Catwoman #51 had any significance to the events of the show or whether or not Adam Hughes was just having a little fun with everyone by adding them to the cover art for the aforementioned Catwoman issue.

I have always assumed that Adam Hughes just included the numbers on his cover as a declaration of admiration for Lost, but when I tried to reach him for confirmation of this assumption back in 2010 I was initially ignored.

My repeated attempts to contact Mr. Hughes in regards to my inquiry eventually resulted in threats of legal action, so I am forced to seek answers elsewhere….


Catwoman #51, Very Fine Plus (8.5), $75.


Batman #608 Second Print, Classic low print run Jim Lee cover, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $100.




Tomb Of Dracula #1, first Marvel appearance of Dracula, Fine Plus (6.5), $175.




Annihilation Conquest #6, first appearance of the new Guardians line up, Near Mint Minus (9.2), $50.


After being rebuked by Mr. Hughes, I attempted to reach Damon Lindelof in hopes to receiving some information in regards to the Catwoman #51 cover art / Lost connection.

This line of inquiry proved to be less even less fruitful than my attempts to seek answers from Mr. Hughes.

My many desperate attempts to contact Mr. Lindelof produced no return correspondence of any kind, which left me with no other choice than to attempt to contact him in person at the 2011 Emmy Awards to seek answers.

I was unable to acquire a press badge, which would have provided me with red carpet access since I was not affiliated with any “legitimate” news organization, so I tried lying in wait near the VIP parking area in hopes of being able to outmaneuver the remarkably lax security countermeasures employed at the parking structure being used for the event.

I spied Lindelof from afar and swiftly sprung into action! However, I was tackled by what turned out to be actually quite alert and quick acting security personnel just before reaching Mr. Lindelof’s entourage.

While waiting for law enforcement officers to arrive to take me into custody, I was informed by an event official who was helping to clean my wounds in the Security Trailer that the man I attempted to accost wasn’t Damon Lindelof at all, but was in fact an entertainment lawyer whose name escapes me now; I do however recall that I was told that he practiced out of Sherman Oaks.

I haven’t given up on my quest for answers to the Catwoman #51 cover art mystery, but my ongoing legal difficulties which were the results of my efforts to unravel this particular puzzle have forced me to temporarily abandon the search and focus my efforts elsewhere.

Mark my words: one day I will know the TRUTH.


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