“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 2/14/18

Please check out these cool Punisher comics!

Punisher is cool, right?
He has his own Netflix show, a whole mess of movies.
All of these cinematic interpretations indicate, to me at least, that Punisher is quite popular and if high school taught us anything it’s that the popular kids are always pretty cool.

However, much like many of the popular kids in high school, Punisher can be pretty cruel when he wants to be — which seems to be pretty much all of the time.

Nevertheless, we love Punisher in spite his cruelty.
You name me one murderous vigilante who is as beloved as Frank Castle!


Punisher #1-5, full Fine Minus (5.5) set, $40.


Amazing Spider-Man #135, second full appearance of The Punisher, Very Good Plus (4.5). $25.



Marvel Preview #2, origin of The Punisher, Fine Plus (6.5), $100.



Deadpool #54 & 55, Punisher versus Deadpool, Very Fine Minus (7.5) set, $50.


I occasionally have to defend the following opinion, but for my money the original Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie is still my favorite.

Skull shirt be damned, Dolph’s haircut is the closest to the way Frank Castle’s hair appears in my mind.

There’s something very appealing about the idea of a mad dog vigilante who still takes the time to keep his coiffure looking tight while on a killing rampage.




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