“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 2/08/19

Batwoman, The Red Death, Ace The Bat-hound, Batwing, Batman Beyond, Chief-Man-Of-Bats, BAT-MITE (a personal favorite of mine, as the capitalization indicates).

…just a few of the many of faces of Batman.


Detective Comics #233, first appearance of Batwoman, CGC 3.0, $1,500.


Batman The Red Death #1, Near Mint Minus (9.2), $30.



Batman Adventures: Mad Love, Near Mint Minus (9.2), $75.



Green Lantern #76. first Green Lantern Green Arrow issue, CGC 7.5 (Very Fine Minus), $900.


There are a couple of Green Lantern-Batman characters; namely Dawnbreaker from Dark Nights and the Bruce Wayne character featured in the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight.

Batman even briefly wielded yellow, green, and white power rings, but all of these pale in comparison to the awe inspiring power of Bat-Cow, the Bovine Knight!

Bat-Cow bows to no Batman!


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