“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 11/8/17

Everybody see Thor Ragnarok?

Good stuff, eh?
Lots of yuks. So very many yuks.
“Please kind sir, please don’t cut my hair.”
Being a man of long follicles myself, I got quite a chuckle off of that one.

   Journey Into Mystery #83, first appearance of Thor, CGC graded 5.5 (Fine Minus), $6,000.


Journey Into Mystery #85, first appearance of Loki, Heimdall, Odin, & Asgard, CGC graded 6.0 (Fine), $1,375.


Journey Into Mystery #89, Classic Kirby cover, Very Good Plus (4.5), $175.


Thor #126, title changes from “Journey Into Mystery” to “Thor”, Very Good Plus (4.5) $75.


I thought about putting the Frog of Thunder issues on here.
Those are a personal favorite, and they referenced it in the flick too.

Did you catch that one, or were you too busy wondering why the sounds of people snacking can somehow be more loud than a five figure sound system?
The science of acoustics can certainly be puzzling, no?

Until next week.
Will we ever stop? “I say thee NAY!”


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