“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 11/9/18

Only in Imagination Land would a man orphaned by the murder of his parents decide to dress in a skin tight bat costume in order to launch a vigilante campaign against crime.

An even more preposterous concept would be that the teenage daughter of a local police commissioner would become so inspired by the aforementioned costumed vigilante that she also decides to dress in a similar skin tight bat costume and wage her own war on crime.

When you read these stories, all of this behavior seems perfectly rational through the magic of fiction!


Detective Comics #359, first appearance of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, CGC Signature Series 4.5 (Very Good Plus) signed by Carmine Infantino, $795.



Marvel Super-Heroes #12, first appearance of Mar-Vell, CGC 8.0 (Very Fine), $400.



Tales of Suspense #57, first appearance of Hawkeye, CGC 7.5 (Very Fine Minus), $900.



Batman #11, early Joker and Penguin appearance, CGC 2.5 (Good Plus), $3,900.


It also requires a slight suspension of one’s sense of disbelief to accept the fictional conceit that the previously mentioned costumed vigilante (the orphaned man, not the teenage girl) would recruit a teen-aged orphan, dress him in a modified circus performers outfit (the orphaned teenager was formerly a trapeze artist), and make him his sidekick.

Incidentally, have you ever even met anyone who has a sidekick?
Yeah, me neither….


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