“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 10/2/20

Treasury Edition crossovers!

For those who may be unfamiliar, these here are BIG comics – “big” in terms of physical dimensions, not “big” in the figurative sense.

“Big” as in larger than ordinary comics, not “big” as in “bigger than sliced bread” big.

Although if you find these comics to be “big” in the figurative sense as well as the literal sense, then I couldn’t agree with you more.

Superman versus Muhammad Ali!

How could you get any “bigger” than that?!

All-New Collectors Edition #56, Superman versus Muhammad Ali, Very Fine Minus (7.5), $199.


Marvel Treasury Edition #28, second Superman Spider-Man crossover, Very Fine/Fine (7.0), $59.



D.C. Special Series #27, Batman versus Hulk, Very Fine/Fine (7.0), $59.



Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, first D.C. Marvel crossover, Very Good/Fine (5.0), $65.


Big, stinky, spoilers comin’ in hot so if you don’t want to read ’em THIS IS YOUR WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!


Muhammad Ali beats Superman, because they fight on a planet with a red sun and Superman can’t box.

Batman beats Hulk, because Batman is clever and Hulk is usually … not too terribly clever. Sorry Hulk, but you know it’s true.

Superman and Spider-Man, predictably, are initially distrustful toward one another but eventually unite to tackle a common goal, and are good friends to this day.

Consider yourself spoiled rotten!


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