“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 1/26/18


For those of you reading the current Phoenix Resurrection miniseries who were wondering how the poor woman died in the first place, this week we have a copy of X-Men #137 featuring the first Death of Jean Grey story.

Although to be honest, X-men #137 is the FIRST but not the MOST RECENT time that Jean Grey was killed in action.

While you can be forgiven for being confused by the concept of a person dying more than once, do remember that the woman is known as “Phoenix.”
If you aren’t familiar with the mythic creature of the same name and how the moniker of “Phoenix” would relate to the concept of multiple deaths … well … Google it.


X-Men #137, death of Jean Grey, CBCS 9.6 (Near Mint Plus), $125.



Captain Marvel #33, origin of Thanos, CGC 8.5 (Very Fine Plus), $100.



Batman #171, first Silver Age appearance of The Riddler, CGC 6.0 (Fine), $500.



Superman Returns Prequel #1-4, full Very Fine Plus (8.5) set of Adam Hughes covers, $20.



Superman Returns, Phoenix Resurrection; always remember – you can’t keep a good superhero down. Words to live by.
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(Please note that the digital samples shown are for clear image references only, and are NOT the actual books being offered for sale. Please call us at 727-398-2665 for condition, availability, or any other questions about the books!)

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