Saturday, March 20th from 11am to 3pm

Come meet comics creators Jonathan Hedrick and David Galiano!

Jonathan Hedrick is a comic book writer/creator born and raised in Brevard County, Florida. Comics has always been a passion of his and he recently began self-publishing his own titles. His current work includes the Scout Comics thriller “THE RECOUNT,” zombie comics “FREAKSHOW PRINCESS” & “FREAKSHOW KNIGHT,” and a superhero story called “CAPABLE.” In addition to being a writer, Jonathan is an Army veteran and a licensed radiologic technologist. He resides in Melbourne, FL with his cat, Tessa.

Here’s some information about his comics…

THE RECOUNT from Scout Comics
After the assassination of a U.S. President, the conspirators turn their sights on all who helped him get into power. By this, they mean to kill everyone who helped him ascend to the presidency-including the ordinary citizens who elected him, essentially plunging the entire country into civil war. Meanwhile, the vice president, one of the few survivors of the executive branch, struggles to prevent the nation from descending into chaos.


FREAKSHOW PRINCESS (a one-shot, 24-page, fully colored zombie story)
Jessica and her dog, Harley, are waiting out a zombie apocalypse in her boarded up home. As the threat increases outside, Jessica remembers the events that led her to her current situation.


CAPABLE (a superhero series for mature readers)
Derik Davidson is just an average high school kid. He’s awkward, shy, bullied, and he uses a wheelchair. But one day Derik suddenly has the ability to run super fast! What will Derik do with his new power and what happens when more people wake up capable?!


David Galiano is a comic book writer who has written SAVAGE BASTARDS for Mad Cave Studios, plus comics for Ashcan Comics, and anthologies including CTHULHU INVADES OZ – and the story for Jonathan Hedrick’s FREAKSHOW JESTER!

He has spent many years working in the field of psychology and tends to focus on interpersonal relationships, loss, and family dynamics in his writing. David is currently developing a few new comic book series which he plans to unveil later this year.

Savage Bastards is a story of brotherhood, revenge, and betrayal. Set in the 1870s, follow half brothers, Sam and Elliot, as they fight across a series of satellite towns in the Sonoran Desert in order to save Elliot’s mother from their sadistic, sociopath of a father, Darragh MacDougal and the rest of his crazy bastard children.

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