Wednesday, November 7th from 11am to 8pm

It was one of Image Comics’ biggest hits this year, and it’s finally collected in its first paperback volume! Isola is known as the Land of the Dead, and our protagonist, a young woman who is the Captain of the Guard, must take her queen there to reverse an evil spell that has turned her majesty into a luminous black and blue tiger!

This breath-taking neo-classic is written by Batgirl of Burnside writer BRENDAN FLETCHER, and illustrated by KARL KERSCHL, of DC’s Gotham Academy!!!

On Wed., November 7th, ALL GUESTS, ALL DAY, can enter our FREE RAFFLE for a chance to win* a copy of the “ISOLA: CHAPTER ONE” PAPERBACK!!!
(Rated T+, 2018, 136 pgs.)

The winner will be called on Thursday, Nov. 8th!

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