Sunday, December 6th from 1pm to 3:30pm**

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please wear a face mask and maintain a 6-foot distance from other Guests – both inside the store and outside in line.

Depending on how many Guests are in the store, we may ask new Guests to wait outside until the store is less full.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy and safe!

Emerald City Comics is happy to be a part of Greg Horn’s “KNULL AND UNAVOIDABLE” signing tour! This comic store extravaganza will involve 6 Florida stores over 5 days, and will showcase Horn’s Super Secret Tour Variant for Marvel Comics’ King in Black #1 – he’s not unveiling the cover until December 2nd [NOW SHOWN ABOVE!], the Marvel Comics release date for the regular covers of King in Black #1!

The secret cover is actually his “C” cover – and we are pre-selling copies of his exclusive “A” and “B” covers, which we’ll have for the signing!

Preorder now:

You can purchase the “A” cover alone, limited to 3,000 copies worldwide, for $19.99…

OR, you can purchase a set of the “A” & “B” covers – cover B is limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide – for $49.99…


This cover is an homage to Erik Larsen’s cover of Amazing Spider-Man #347!


Greg Horn alone will have his exclusive Super Secret Tour Variant “C” cover at the signing for between $40 and $60 signed! (final price to be determined soon).

He charges $10 for an autograph with a Certificate of Authenticity, or $20 for comics to be graded.


Agents of SLABS will be here to accept CGC autograph and grading submissions!


** Scheduled to appear; subject to change without notice. See EC’s Facebook Page, or contact the store for updates.

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