Fake reviews of EC!

Unfortunately, we are the target of “review sabotage” on Google, and possibly other sites or social media. Regular Guests would know that these incidents seem “off,” but we are saddened that a new potential EC Guest might see these fake reviews and be misled.

These recent 1-star reviews are fake, written by an eBay seller – easily identified by us because their email address contains the name of one of these “reviewers” and because the incidents described in these reviews did not happen.

We won four of their eBay auctions simultaneously and asked if the shipping amount was a little high, as they did not quote a lower amount that took in to account sending all four items together. Their response was to cancel all four auctions, falsely claiming to eBay that we requested the cancellations. Here are their responses to our negative feedback left for them on eBay, the first two admitting that we did not ask to cancel the auctions:

  • “lmao had nothing to do with price, I don’t sell to whiners-nuff said”
  • “Yep canceled, cuz you complained about ship chrges, now others may enjoy UR loss”
  • “Emerald City Comics in Florida still whinning lol”
  • “I’m gonna miss you eccomicsfl as this is your last book I canceled-cry-sniffles”

We are disappointed in their behavior on eBay, and we are appalled by these fake reviews (both eBay and Google have been notified, and are investigating). The experiences as described in these “reviews” are highly uncharacteristic of the Emerald City Team and our core values of friendliness, honesty, helpfulness, and enthusiasm. We have been in business for over 30 years, with nearly 5-star average ratings on Google and Yelp and other social media. We have achieved this by being fair and honest with all of our Guests, and by striving to make every visit to EC the BEST part of your day!

If you have been happy with your EC experience, please consider reviewing us on Google if you have not yet done so!

And as always, if you have any issues with your experience at EC, ask for a Leader while in the store or email our General Manager at chad@emeraldcitycomics.com with your feedback, and we will do our best to make it right for you.

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